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Political Message in South Park's Episode Splatty Tomato

South Park is most effective at expressing its message of being equally satirical to all situations and by doing so creating a situation where no one can be offended since everyone is offended. South Park’s humor has continued to grow darker and more relevant to...

Mini-Criticism of South Park's Commentary Article by Marcus Schulzke

Mini-Criticism of South Park Marcus Schulzke’s commentary article Contentious Language: South Park and the Transformation of Meaning on the popular TV show South Park’s episode titled “The F Word” is an affirmation of the maxim ‘the end justifies the means. ’Schulzke argues that the writers...

Southpark's Satire and Critical Humour

As a provocative and anti-politically correct television series, South Park offersits viewers an alternative space to critically think about and discuss contemporary issues. Contrary to its reputation for potty-mouth humor, South Park often has insightfulperspectives on complicated topics in present-day culture. The writers of South...

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