What Music Means To Me Today

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What would life be without music? Everyone experiences music from the moment they are born through the lullabies sung by their parents, they also here it throughout their childhood from singing nursery rhymes at school and for some and hymns at church every Sunday as well as this we hear music every single year when our parents and friends surround you and sing happy birthday while the cake is coming out celebrating another year of life. I know that my life would have been so much tougher without music. I have struggled a lot with stress and anxiety, I thought I would never get through some of the tougher times in my life especially when I would start to feel nervous and panic over the smallest situations. Music would always help me get through all of that stress. Every time my stress became too overwhelming for me I could just stop for a moment, breathe, and play my favourite songs and instantly I would begin to relax and feel so much stronger. Even when I am just having a bad day I know that when I put on a song with a good beat and my mood will instantly change, motivating me to power through the rest of my day fearlessly and with a positive attitude. Music has made me resilient to the struggles I face in my lifetime. So, what music means to me?

There is new research that shows that there is a part of our brains dedicated to processing music. This just proves that music plays a huge part in our brain function and our health and wellbeing. In certain yoga classes, the teacher will perform a mantra which is a chant. Recently it has been found by neuroscientists that when practising mantra the human brain has a strong response, focusing on the sound of the mantra along with the nervous system being affected by the vibrations caused by the chanting of the mantra. Mantra is a social phenomenon that focuses on healing and gives a sense of inner peace. I can relate to this as whenever I listen to slow calming music, resembling a mantra, it helps me to completely relax and block out all fears and negative thoughts I have. This makes it clear that all humans need music.

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In 1914 during World War One music helped the soldiers that fought for our country to be resilient. Around 2500 bagpipe players were in the trenches with the soldiers and they marched out in full view of the German lines with only with their instrument, risking their own lives to save many others and to help the soldiers fight back. What used to be classified as a weapon of war is a beautiful instrument that would echo through the trenches and is still played to this day to celebrate special occasions such as New Year's Day and to inspire and encourage Scotland's sport stars in World cups to play to the best of their ability as well as to excite fans like me. I can use music as my instrument to fight back against my anxiety. Music was also used by Ireland to fight back by singing Gaelic rebel songs to speak out about the hard times they faced, pulling them together as one.

Music can bring any two people together. My dad likes punk rock music whereas I am more a fan of pop music and this difference is why we don't listen to much music together. This is why I will always remember when we were driving home together with the radio on and the song ‘Wonderwall’ by Oasis came on and when we both started singing it we looked at each other, shocked that we both knew all the words to the song. Then we sang it all the way home. That is a moment I will never forget as it brought me and my dad even closer making me feel so pleased. Looking back now I can see how this gave me a new found love for music showing me how much closer it can bring me with other people. 

Music has always been by my side to help me through the darkest of times. It is a gateway to the true me and it is something I am truly passionate about and enjoy sharing with others It is something I have always and will always lean on. Music brings out so many different emotions within me I can live my life through the music when I struggle to put my emotions into words. That is why I love it. I can express myself and bring out my inner emotions and feelings. Without it, I wouldn't know what to do with myself.

Reflecting fully on my life I have realised that music has only brought me feelings of pure joy and happiness that I share with those who have created the songs and to those that I share their music with. Music will carry on to bring only good to the world and people’s everyday lives. I have listened to music since the day I was born and I know that I will always listen to music for as long as I shall live. Not only for my enjoyment but benefit me and my health through all the difficult times I will go through in the future. Music is always something I will be grateful for so to quote ABBA ‘Thank you for the music’.

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