Braveheart: The Story of Scotish Freedom

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I think that the movie was titled Braveheart because the main person in the film who was named William Wallace (played by Mel Gibson) was very brave and fearless. He fought against the English to free Scotland from them. The director of this film goes by the name of Mel Gibson. He was born in 1956 in the United States of America but at the age of 12 he moved to New south Wales, Australia. He got his acting and directing education from the university of Sydney. This film is filled with action and drama. That might be one of the reasons to its success. The film is based on real events from the war between England and Scotland.

The movie starts with william being a little kid and walking right into a house filled Scottish men hanging from the roof. His dad and his men sees it and wants revenge on the English. So they go to war to avenge them, but they failed and William’s dad dies. His mother was also killed when he was little but they don’t show that in the movie. So William had a pretty ruff childhood growing up with the other men in the village. Since then he had told himself that he would live in peace for the rest of his life. But one day many years later at a rock-throwing contest he met a woman named Murron. They fell in love and married each other. 

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But one of the horrible rights that the English men had was that if a Scottish woman had been married he could take her virginity away. Luckily Murron escape and made love to William instade. The English heard about it and they were not happy. So they tried to capture her and raped her, but didn’t succeed. After hunting for her they finally captured her and slit her throat. William was furious and filled with rage, he had to get his revenge. Some days after he rode on his horse all alone in to the village where Murron had been killed and murdered avery single man there. And to avenge her he killed the man who killed her the same way he killed her. 

The Scottish saw what he did to the English and believed that he would lead them to freedom. The people of both Scotland and Ireland had joined the resistance and fought along his side. Many battles after he had put out a message to the English. After things had calmed down the scottish king named Robert De Bruce betrayed thru letting the English know where he was so that they could easily capture him in a cage like an animal. They took Wiliam to England and brutally tortured him simply because he didn’t say one single word, merci. Instead he screamed from the top of his lungs with all the force he had left, FREEDOM! 

Robert De Bruce felt really bad for letting the English capture. So bad that he killed his own father who had convinced him to kill William. Some weeks later the English and Scottish troops met up to confess that Scotland was english territory. Robert had other plans in mind and screamed, WALLACE! The Scottish troops ran towards the English to fight. The movie ends with a picture of William’s sword sitting deep down into the ground.

This film is putting out a very special and important message. The message is that war a is horrible thing and no person or country should have to experience it. The film also shows that people have faith and believe that they will get their freedom. I recommend this film for teenagers and adults because some scenes are hard to comprehend and a little brutal. For example the scene were the english come to take a woman's virginity and the husband becomes furious. Some scenes in the movie were a little harsh and gruesome. For example the scene were Murron was killed by the english, i didn’t see that coming.

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