Seeing the World Through Extraordinary Eyes: Review of 'I Am Sam'

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I am Sam is a 2001 American dramamelodrama film directed with the aid of Jessie Nelson. Honestly speaking, I can't put into phrases how the director portrays such conflicting thoughts and how heart-tugging the films is. Jessie Nelson forces the audience to query Sam's abilities and limits of being a precise dad or mum through symbolism, characterization, use of camera, effects, and enhancing techniques.

The movie tells a story of a mentally challenged man, Sam Dawson and his implacable fight with the criminal gadget for the custody of his daughter, Lucy Diamond Dawson. Sam is attempting his pleasant to elevate his daughter the second the lady disappeared proper after giving birth. He did the whole lot he can to cope up in raising his daughter, Lucy. The excessive section of the film commenced when Lucy procedures her eight birthday. The people round the 'father and daughters bond' are doubtful whether or not Sam will be in a position to grant Lucy with the training and sources she deserves to attain her full achievable particularly when she surpasses slowly her father's mental potential with the mentality of a seven-year-old. Nothing in this world is fair. And it's tough to fight even if you desire to if you are any person like Sam Dawson, mentally challenged, almost in no way trusted, in no way loved. A very uphill struggle just to have the right to live. 'There's nothing remarkable in this world than love', is the predominant thought of what the film's message is constructed upon. I like how the director makes use of the contradictory distinction between the two essential characters sparks a hostilities about what defines a appropriate parent that challenges the audience to ask themselves if love is the only aspect that things or if it's enough. Sam is simply a easy man and that his happiness independently depends on the happiness and protection of his daughter, Lucy, collectively with the help and help of his additionally mentally challenged close friends. Life might also be unfair to Sam but he had a certain grasp of life that everyday people don't even have, and that what makes him greater special. The father and daughter touched lives, those of Annie and the ambitious legal professional Rita and her son, and the foster dad and mom of Lucy who in their pleasure derived from their congruity with the norm and trust that they may want to be better parents, and a lot of others who had been there in court docket and the audiences. If I'm in the position of Sam, I don't understand if I will still combat in a custody case where I only have so little chance of winning it. People will appear and decide your capability to think and make decisions in life. But Sam unexpectedly showed us in his conflict and fighting that ended in some thing we may label undeniably incredible. It makes me assume that all of us are retards in some methods and that every now and then it is your potential to love that things the most.

Life is absolutely being valued in the movie. Disabilities, inconveniences, none of these things invalidate life's intrinsic value. I don't know if the film makers meant or can also no longer have, about demonstrating us that what the culture views as curses can be turned into blessings. The movie may additionally existing an overly romanticized picture of a mentally challenged man, however it additionally suggests the world how to embrace such man or woman. Over all, the movie creates a valuable way of thinking to put ourselves in the footwear of anybody else for a day, and it's valuable to see the world through extraordinary eyes.

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