The Analysis Of Comedies "Step Brothers' & "Superbad"

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The two comedy movies that I have chosen for the project are Step Brothers and Superbad. These are my personal favorite comedy’s because the humor in these movies relates to my personality. These two movies have similarities and differences that I will further be explaining. The movie “Step Brothers” debuted in 2008 and was directed by Adam Mckay. This film is about two families combining forces when a man and a woman get married. Coincidentally, both people have middle aged sons that still live with them. During the film, satire is used when the two brothers act like young kids and fight with each other. Satire is also used throughout the film because the idea of having a new step brother or any new “siblings” can sometimes lead to fights. This movie conveys the message of having to go through change in your life such as going through a divorce and have a new father/mother figure in your life as well as new siblings.

The movie “Superbad” debuted in 2007 and was directed by Greg Mottola. This film is relevant to my high school experience because the 3 main characters are high school students just trying to fit in. In today’s society, we see this a lot with high school students doing things they are not comfortable with such as buying alcohol underage just because they want to seem cool. We see that in the movie when it is obvious that the character “Fogel” has a fake ID but is still unsure if buying the alcohol will get him in trouble. This film really teaches us to be yourself and not let peer pressure get the best of you.

When the main characters in the movie realize they did not need alcohol to be cool, they were still able to get the girls they did all that for just by being themselves. This is a positive message that this movie shows and is one of the reasons I enjoy watching it so much. These two movies are similar in the way that they present the comedy styles. Both of the movies use satire to address issues that we still see very often today. They also have differences. In Step Brothers, you see middle-aged men acting like children, but in Superbad you see highschool kids trying to act like adults. Each film can relate to any period of time because these are issues we will always see. Both of these movies are extremely funny and will never get old.

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