The Manipulation and Exploitation of Orgon in Tartuffe

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Moliere has written a Tart Tartuffe play comedy that reflects the fact of human nature. The author clearly portrays the nature of the characters and especially Orgon and Tartuffe. Through this, we can find the two main reasons why Tartuffe can easily manipulate and exploit Orgon. The first reason Tartuffe found it easy to manipulate and exploit Orgon was because of Orgon's stupidity, ignorance about religion. This weakness of the Orgon makes it easy for him to take advantage of it to create an impressive and reliable religious image. In addition, Orgon is the owner of a wealthy family, he is shown to be a devout but lack of knowledge of religion and religion and has been impressed by Tartuffe with an image of a religious person and godly. This is portrayed immediately in Act I of the play in the conversation with the brother-in-law of Orgon - Cléante, Orgon always defending Tartuffe that if Cléante sees '' He drew upon himself the eyes of everyone there / By the holy fervor of his pious prayer''. Orgon is stupid to believe in Tartuffe's empty preaching because thank to it, he feels reborn. While Orgon's brother-in-law is a well-educated, knowledgeable and well-aware person of both faith and humanity expressed through analysis in his words. Cléante expressed the idea of Christian virtue really contrary to religious hypocrisy. he not only warned about Tartuffe's deception but also advised Orgon not to hate and hate religion because of a bad character. Thanks to the words of Cléante, we can see the understanding of the two people completely opposite and Orgon emerged as the ignorant and ignorant fanatic. Orgon's faith buried by the deception appearance of Tartuffe '' In good faith, can, you praise his great zeal, But I think you're dazed by his meaningless’’.

The second reason throughout the play is that the Orgon's gullibility making Tartuffe's antics worked smoothly. He thinks it is true faith from a fake and believes blindly. This gullibility seemed to be a trait of the Orgon family because his mother also put faith in Tartuffe and was more steadfast than the Orgon even when Tartuffe betrayed them. Orgon believes blindly in Tartuffe's holy appearance '' Each day he came to church with his peace of mind / And threw himself down before me on both knees'' with fake actions nice such as Tartuffe gave money back for Orgon and share it for other poor people even though he is very poor. Similarly, Tartuffe always accused himself of killing a flea on the road and in particular always pleaded guilty, every mistake when Damis denouncing his flirting with Elmire - Orgon's wife. This only made the Orgon believe in his friend more than his son: “I disinherit you; be empty purse/ Is all you’ll get from me - except my curse! '. In the church meeting, Tartuffe not only showed a saintly appearance but also claimed to be the person of God. Thus, Orgon stupidity becomes more gullibility and put everything property into the hands of the scammer and even his daughter too: 'That’s wisely said, my Daughter. Say of him then, / That he's very worthiest of men, / And that's why he, and will rejoice / In being his wife if that should be my choice./Well?''. So Tartuffe easily saw taking this Orgon's weakness to manipulate completely making Orgon always put Tartuffe on the happy family and his wife.

Moliere's Tart Tartuffe play is a comedy that is characterized by human nature at that time. At this time, they were very devoted to religious beliefs but lacked an understanding of the nature of religion, which made them easily believe to the fake people, typically the Orgon character with the strong gullibility. Tartuffe craftily sees it and takes advantage of it to escape poverty.

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