Portrayal Of Disability And Summary Of Forrest Gump

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Forrest Gump is a film about a man who was born with a deformed spine and an intellectual disability. The character, Forrest gump played by Tom hanks was never good at running due to the effect of his spine condition on the movement of his legs. The main barrier for Forrest gump was not his disability but the people who bullied him and underestimated his ability. Early on in the film, during the “Run, forrest, run” scene, young Forrest gump overcame his physical disability by running away from a bunch of school bullies who were chasing after him. Forrest struggled to run until his leg braces broke off. Once he was free of his braces, he ran as fast as he could and he eventually out ran his bullies. This scene of the film was a huge turning point as Forrest gump had to mentally and physically pushed himself to overcome his physical disability. A physical skill that no one thought Forrest gump was capable of achieving on his own.

Running was a form of leisure that allowed Forrest gump to discover his passion and fulfil his potential. Forrest Gump’s ability to run was an influential part of who he became and his journey through life. Despite his disability, Forrest Gump achieve many successes throughout the film. For example, Forrest Gump was running away from a truck full of high school bullies. He interrupted a local high school football practice by running through the football field faster than the high school football players there. This incident caught the attention of an Alabama college football coach who noticed Forrest’s running ability and offered him a college football scholarship. Forrest gump went on to play college football for the University of Alabama. After his graduation, he joined the US army, enlisted within the Vietnam War and rescued many soldiers from death which he received the Medal of Honor for his bravery.

The film portrays disability as something that is “normal” and should not be frowned upon. Despite the countless barriers, Forrest gump managed to overcome and turn every negative situation into something positive with his optimism, compassion, and resilience. What I have learned from this film is that it is important to remain optimistic, compassionate and resilient to be able to overcome the challenges that we face in life. Forrest Gump was a true example of an individual who did not allow his disabilities and/or barriers to define who he was or what he could or could not achieve in life. Forrest had a disability, but he was still capable of reaching the American Dream.

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