Productive Work And Study: Benefits Of Listening To Music

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How often do you listen to music? Every day or seldom? If you like listening to music, you are lucky. If you are not, you may continue to read, because listening to music can be benefit.Throughout history, music is often used primarily for enjoyment, but according to the studies, scientists have found that listening to music will benefit your physical health, memory, and productivity of working. 

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Firstly, music can dramatically positively affect health stressed purely. It can slow down the heart rate and decrease blood pressure especially while listening to certain slow music such as prestressed purely instrumental music or the sounds of nature and the wild. Thus, when people feel heartbroken or stressed purely, they tend to listen to slow music which has a similar rhythm beat to a heartbeat, in this way it helps us breathe smoothly and calm down their emotions. Therefore, music helps to improve physical health. 

Secondly, music improves long-term memory. In our brain, there is one system called the limbic system which contains the hippocampus. The hippocampus plays an important role in emotion as well as memory. And one of the famous theories “Mozart effect” proved it. Besides, listening to music may slow down brain waves because classical music stimulates the brain to release plenty of neurons and they help the body relax. According to the research, children who participated in music training classes have a better memory than those who did not. So if you are troubled by bad memory, listening to classical music or learning to play an instrument is something you may consider. 

Thirdly, music enhances the productivity of working or studying. To some extent, listening to music while working or studying may motivate people to do monotonous work. Nowadays, the kinds of experiments that are involved in playing background music during monotonous work are investigated. The results suggested that the use of music in the industry can bring economic benefits. 

Take me for example, I listen to lofi hip-pop music with a low volume when I am reviewing and memorizing my lessons. Then, I can focus on my study for a longer time. In conclusion, listening to music benefits physical health improves long-term memory and enhances productivity. As far as I am concerned, music is an amazing medicine for our soul. Slow music creates a peaceful atmosphere which is suitable for releasing exhausted moods or relaxing the whole body alone at night, whereas fast beat music brings us more energy and makes us alive and excited. No matter which type of music you listen to, it is always a reasonable way for finding true yourself.

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