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Hospice Care Or Palliative Care In Huntington Disease

In the terminal stages of HD due to the combination of dementia and loss of motor control an individual requires assistance with almost all activities of daily life. This is because at this stage the individual is unable to ambulate, talk, and even having difficulty...

Huntington Disease Versus Schizophrenia-Like Psychotic Symptoms

Huntington’s disease (HD) is named after an American physician George Huntington in seventeen century, 1872 who contributed to a description of clinical features of the neurodegenerative disease. It is an autonomic dominant adult onset genetic disorder in which there is genetic mutation at the short...

The Role Of Antipsychotics In Treatment Of Huntington’s Disease

As until now still no available treatment can cure HD thus treatment solely based on symptomatic management of behavioural, psychiatric disturbances and motor disorder. So far there is no internationally recognized golden standard of care for HD. The only treatment approved by FDA is Tetrabenazine...

A Discussion on the Positive Elements of Genetically Modifying Children

Humans have been around for about seven million years and have continued to evolve into what scientists refer to as the homo sapien (Drake 2015). Genetics have continuously established a way to adapt to the environment, overcome disease, and create fertile offspring. As research becomes...

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