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Memory Consolidation and Its Connection to the Quality of Sleep

While is it widely accepted that a great deal of our life spent asleep contributes to our memory formation, the complex phenomena between our biological function and memory consolidation has formed an indefinite relationship due to the myriad stages of sleep and memory types known....

How Memory Fails: Exploring the Unreliability of Human Memory

The concept of memory is, effectively, denoted to “mental time travel”. The formation of memory is comprised of three variating sub-processes: encoding, consolidation and retrieval of the constructed material. Individually, these processes are vulnerable to specific errors, particularly within misleading post event information and stress...

The Strange Nature of Memory: Personal Experience and Reflections

Our lives are strange. Why? Because our lives are made up of memories. Memory is a strange thing. To start, my memories of my grandma are vague. When i think of my grandma in my brain i see a picture of a strict and extremely...

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