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Plastic Surgery as a Form of Body Modification

In today's society, people feel the need to be perfect and will go to great lengths to achieve that goal. They have to look as thin as models and have perfect skin when they're old just like celebrities. People believe that they have to look...

The Influence of Media on Body Image and Body Modification

Introduction According to Cash (2004) body image is actually the perception, feelings and behaviors of a person toward one’s own body. (Grab et al., 2008) investigates that media has the ability to pursue others in creating ideal body images and physical appearance and have been...

Body Modification: How Makeup Shaming Leads to Unwanted Changes

Makeup shaming on social media is increasing rapidly and it is something women should not have to worry about. It seem that makeup shaming is making women feel awful for wearing makeup because they are being seen as doing too much. It appears that women...

Modification of the Body Due to Lifestyle Modification

Lifestyle is the aggregation of personal decisions over which an individual has control that can be said to contribute to, or cause illness or disease. Lifestyle modification involves altering long-term habits and maintaining the new behaviour for months or years. Lifestyle modification involves major modifiable...

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