The Turning Point Of Our Eating Habits

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The turning point in our food culture and healthy lifestyle is veganism. This term has skyrocketed in popularity over the past few years, there are now more than 320 million vegans in the world, and this is more than twice as much as the vegan population back in 2014. Veganism is an extreme type of vegetarianism, as a vegan, you will exclude any form of animal abuse or exploitation of, animals for clothes, food, and other purposes. Veganism is a fairly broad term, there are many ways of vegan living but, all vegans are following a strict animal-friendly diet, which means that vegans won’t consume any type of animal foods such as meat, fish, dairy, eggs, and even honey, on top of this vegans will try to avoid any type of animal-derived materials and watch animals for entertainment which, in a lot of places in the world, is a very popular activity.

The term ‘Veganism’ was created in 1944, but it is commonly known that the avoidance of meat consumption has been around for thousands of years and will hopefully be around for the future. Much more people should consider going vegan because of the many upsides it has for the animals, our health and the environment.

The main reason why people go vegan is very obvious, preventing animal exploitation. For many people, this remains the main reason why they will switch up their eating habits and try to follow an animal-friendly diet. Excluding animal products from their diets is the best way to contribute to the main goal which is saving the animals. By excluding meat and fish from your diet a lot of animals will keep their lives, not only this but you will show your sentiment towards these other creatures which play a big role on this planet. Many people don’t want to be a part of such cruelty, which is completely understandable, they don’t seem to acknowledge that the burger they are eating contains a piece of meat that has been acquired by killing a living animal, you should know that by eating meat you are indirectly contributing to animal slaughter, even tho this might sound a bit overdone it is the harsh reality of the modern society. People often use arguments such as:’ it won’t help if I’m the only one trying to go vegan’ which is an understandable argument, one thing that these people should realize.

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Our health is another valid reason why everyone should go vegan, it is very easy to drive by a fast food restaurant and order a hamburger and some french fries with a milkshake, this might sound good to you right now but when you hear the downsides of the choice you made you will reevaluate your choice and maybe go for another alternative. Animal flesh and by-products cause diseases, some vegan diets are said to lower your blood pressure and cholesterol, and lower the chances of heart disease, diabetes, and some types of cancer.

Going vegan is not only good for preventing some diseases, but it also helps us lose weight, vegans say that they don’t feel hungry after eating a fiber, vitamins, and mineral-packed meal and therefore don’t feel the urge to eat another snack. On average people on a vegan diet lose 4 pounds more than people that follow a non-vegan diet. A vegan diet will also help you stay more youthful, apparently vegan foods contain a lot of antioxidants, these antioxidants together with minerals and other vitamins support your radiant skin, animal flesh, and other products that often cause wrinkles and acne.

So following a vegan diet will help animal lives and help you lose weight and prevent you from suffering from certain diseases. Often people tend to forget how important their health is and why they might be better off not taking a hamburger tonight but eating a nice salad with some nuts and vegetables.

It is obvious that the world is facing heavy environmental problems due to deforestation and pollution, two things that are mainly caused by humans. The production of meat requires an absurd amount of energy, fossil fuels are burned during the slaughter and transportation of the animals, on top of this cows produce methane gas which has a big impact on the overall greenhouse gas emissions. Scientists say that eating meat will cost 3 times as much land then us eating vegan food, it is also estimated that one pound of meat will cost 200 square feet of rainforest, this is a shocking statistic that should make humanity consider what we are doing to our planet.

It might seem like there is an unlimited supply of water available to us at all times, but this is not the case. Water shortage is a real problem in the world as 1 billion people are now living without any water available to them this is not something that these people should be dealing with and therefore we should reduce the amount of water we are wasting on the production of animal products.

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