Drawing Conclusions From Diet Analysis And Nutritional Needs

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Throughout the course of this nutrition class, I have learned more and more about the human body and our nutritional needs. As far as the diet analysis report and food groups, I lack a lot of the essential daily consumption numbers when it comes to certain food groups. I have created a list of different nutritional and physical goals that I have set for myself to fulfill within the next 6 months. Nutritionally I plan on consuming the recommended daily amount of water, eating breakfast more consistently with a variety, and cutting down on snacking. Physically I plan on running 2 miles five days out of the week, cycle through weight training, and swimming every other day.

Regarding my diet and eating habit over the past couple of days, there are a few things which I think I did well for my overall health. The first thing that I think I did well was every meal I tried to have some type of protein in my meal. I think it is important for your body to consume protein within your meal while you are on a vegetarian diet. Another thing I do about my diet is every dinner meal I try to have almond milk with my dinner. The three days that I track my dinner, I tried different kinds of milk like soymilk, almond milk, and goat milk. I had never tasted such delicious milk. Lastly, another thing I did well in my diet was that I try my best to eat some type of breakfast.

Breakfast is a very important meal of the day; it is the meal that will help you start your day off right. Sometimes I don’t have enough time in the morning to prepare my breakfast because of my class schedules and those mornings I can tell myself the difference. By doing the food log I realized there is a lot of things which I do daily that aren't healthy for my body. It was very hard to figure out things that I did well concerning my diet behavior and health. Realizing I don’t have the best diet behavior made me realize that I want to change my diet behavior.

There are always things in which you can improve your diet or eating habit. For myself, there are a few things that I can improve. The first thing is trying to achieve my calorie intake. At my age, we are supposed to be intaking about 1,800 calories per day. Over the three days of doing the log, I never met the daily intake of calories. On Saturday I was over by three hundred calories and on Sunday and Monday, I was under by a couple of hundred calories. There should be some consistency to manage my calorie intake. The second thing which I can improve is exercising more. With my busy schedule with classes and homework, it is hard for me to set times aside during the day to work out or exercise. The last thing which I need to improve on is making sure I drink more water than I do take right now. I find it difficult it drinks more water because attending school you don't always have access to water unless you bring a water bottle. Water is very important for our health so we can keep ourselves hydrated.

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There are a few things that I need to improve on within the next couple of weeks. To improve on achieving my daily calorie intake I am going to be a lot more observant of what I consume. I will make sure my meal contains more protein. I will also be taking care of my everyday calorie intake and so I don’t go over and under. To achieve this goal, I will do more exercise as I will take stairs instead of the elevator, park far away and walk to the grocery store. Working out for me is the best way for me to getting all the stress and worries I have at that time.

Lastly to achieve consuming enough water I am going to make sure every time I leave for school that I bring a water bottle with me. Having the water bottle with me during school will be a reminder to me to drink more water. I plan on drinking at 2.7 liters of water every day. This goal is important to me because it will allow me to flush out all the other sugary drinks that I consume. It is also important to me because I can feel myself being parched throughout the day and easily dehydrated when I work out. Directly on my food journal analysis my water consumed information is nearly nonexistent because I do not drink water very often. They only time that I consistently drink water is when I am working out and even then, it is only 34 oz. This is something that I need to work on because water is a necessity to life. My timeframe is lifelong, I plan on starting out by drinking half the recommended amount of water daily for two weeks and then moving forward I will drink the total 2.7 liters after a month and continue to do so for the rest of my life. I hope in the next couple of weeks I can achieve these goals that I have set to improve my health behavior. Hopefully, by achieving these goals my health overall will better. Once I achieve these things that I need to make sure I keep following this diet behavior.

Over the three days, I didn’t consume the average amount of fruit and vegetables. Some days I barely consumed one fruit or vegetable and on the other days, I didn't 't consume any at all. It depended on what I was doing during the day if I was hungry for a snack. I realized I was too lazy for fruit intake. Infested of having fruit and salad I was more interested in easy pick up on snacks like chips, chocolate. My daily intake of fruits and vegetables which I need to improve daily. It is very important to add fruit and vegetables in your diet because if you haven’t consumed a different kind of fruit and vegetables you have been missing a lot of vitamins and minerals. You need to follow the recommended amounts of serving of fruits and vegetables. By participating in the daily log activity, I was able to see that I don 't consume enough fruits and vegetables. To improve my health, I will make sure that I am having to start eating more fruits and vegetables.

Three-day food log activity was an accurate representation of my overall eating behavior for myself. The first day I wrote down what I ate each day was Sunday, which that day I was traveling back from San Francisco airport. What I ate on Sunday and my calorie intake was a good representation of what I usually consume on Sundays and Saturdays. The only difference between Sunday and Saturday is on Saturday I usually am not traveling so when I consume food is at different times. Monday represents also Wednesday and Friday because those days all are the same when my classes are. When I have class on campus determines when I eat and how many meals, I consume meals day. For example, on Monday and Wednesday, I have a class till 3.30 o’clock. That means that I don 't the chance to eat a meal at home. I have class early in the morning on Tuesday and Thursday and then come home for a little bit, so usually on those days, I ate a later breakfast which is also my lunch. As you can a huge influence on my eating behavior is when I have a class or what I am doing for the weekend.

The diet log and analysis were both very accurate for me over the three days. There was some recommendation to improve my vitamins and mineral intake. I notice a couple of things that I need to consume more like vitamin B12, iron, magnesium, and vitamin D. There are different ways that I can modify my food groups and calories results. The first thing I can improve my vitamin and iron intake is to add more dark green vegetables such as broccoli collards romaine or add dark greens in my salads. second for beans which are a great choice of fiber eat black beans, black-eyed peas or kidney beans as my side dish or in my salads. Along with my fiber adding fresh-cut fruits such as bananas oranges and apples can be a healthy snack to consume. For my dairy I usually drink whole milk with my cereal but switching to low fat or fat-free milk is healthier and is good for calcium.

In conclusion, there a many different opportunities that we are available to that will help us improve our health. We are given thousands of options every day that we can take advantage of in order to better ourselves. I plan on drinking more water, eating breakfast regularly, cut back on snacking, running consistently, incorporating weight training, and reincorporating an old passion in order to improve my health both physically and mentally. Setting goals that are not only achievable but ones that can also be modified and are constantly increasing in difficulty are the one we should strive to set.

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