Essay Samples on Mistake

The Michigan Government’s Mistake

In April of 2014, the people of Flint, Michigan lost their right to water and sanitation. It has been over five years since the water crisis started. However, it is still not solved yet, and the people of Flint have had toxic water for five…

A General Overview of the Human Species

It goes without saying that human species otherwise known as ‘Homo sapiens’ is the most intelligent, smart and multi-talented more than any other species in the globe. In addition to being smart, the human species is also an extremely vain species. People like justifying their…

Dealing With Failures & Mistakes

How to deal with failures and mistakes We all fail sometimes. Failure is an integral part of a human being’s reality. Whenever I fail at something, I go through these basic sequences. Accept the fault. The hardest thing about failing is learning to fully and…

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