Personal Improvement From Making Mistakes

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There are many deferent cases of mistakes in the world, and it is not the same case for everyone because the mistake is a special thing that unique per person, someone fails on this, but another one fails in another thing. On the other hand, we can learn from the mistakes that we made, and it is good to know the different case of mistakes because you can solve the problem faster in the future. It is too similar to mistakes that every student make in class because mistakes in class is a normal thing that no one can avoid it. sometimes students worry too much about the mistake that we made because the mistake is a problem in their mindset, and we want to avoid it as soon as possible because it makes some student fear and wants some ways to do it better and better again. However, there are many good advantages and good for the future problem that we will have soon when we did some mistakes because no one can avoid mistake or failure if they still alive.

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Making mistakes in university classes help you to improve your self to be more successful. You can improve your skill or life to get better future and stronger by using cases of mistake that you made. First, people should not avoid the mistake but admit, analyze, and learn from it. According to Berkun S (2005), he believes that each people should study from their errors that appear if they can accept it. when they are able to do that, they will have a huge chance to analyze a lot of lessons from the mistake that they made via understanding the problem, by the way, wise humans always recognize their mistakes immediately because of they know the benefit after they do (Berkun S, 2005). As he said, it is not genius if you got a mistake or problem and ignore it with some excuse because you won’t get anything from it, just pass it because of you afraid to accept your problem. However, you will get some good result after you accept and think in-depth about your problem in every case. Another is we will free our self and feel better than avoid the errors that we made. We can avoid the mistakes if we want to do, but the common sense of human still worry about it not too much but still worry. We can be better if we accept it and remove it from the brain. Maria Hill (2016), a webmaster of HSP Health and HSP Health Blog, physical therapist confirms that many histories of mistakes and failure is a common thing that we all have, and if we can admit the mistakes reality, we will free to be more creative and find some information about it in-depth. Accepting failure is not difficult to do, and it can give a huge benefit to everyone that can do it because mistakes is a normal thing that we should live together with it. In conclusion, the better way to manage your mistake, and learning from mistake is a good way to develop yourself to grown the future skill It is not embarrassing to make errors in the classroom and better than making error outside the class. First of all, mistakes are a good teacher in every case to learn from it.

Conforming to Orlando J (2011) the associate director of the faculty resource center at Northcentral University, The best instructors are failure because most of what she found out about home maintenance, mistakes train her to do, The soldier knows they may lead to failure sooner or later as a part of their training because the army knows the advantages of failure and actually gives soldiers duties, pilots are skilled and given a spread of emergency situations on simulators till they fail before pass the lesson. Now we know some ways that people use the benefit from failure or mistakes, and it is really good idea to use case of failure that affects student to remember it faster than listen. Moreover, there is not enough student that always correctly because the student wants to study not doing the job. In every class, you should see at least one student that made mistake, but we have enough people in the class to solve the problem or discuss in some case, and it better than making mistake alone outside the class. Beare K (2015) said, every student goes to school to learn, if they want just a conversation, they will go to chatroom or internet. Obviously, students cannot always correct, they need to study to be corrected, because of mistakes that they made. Nobody can hundred percentage correct, they need the teacher to fill the gap of failure that they do not know. the mistake is a common thing for me, and you should relax and learn it then you will be better in the future. In conclusion, we have a lot of friend and teacher helping us to fix the mistake, and it is easier to fix the error than make mistake outside the class for sure, we should relax and keep it going on.

The lastly, every success people have a same thing, and it calls failure. First, failure has a risking to repeat it if we don’t learn from it. Ashley F (2013), We should learn from failure to not be danger to redo the same problem, and we also should develop wisdom and sense making better decision. However, for some people, should take a few times to redo it again before learned from it. As she said, you can’t learn from it in 5 seconds, but learning mistake is only one way to protect you from repeat the same mistake involuntary. The last reason is most successful people start from do than fail and do it again. It is not possible to success in the first time you do in something, but you should fail and learn and fail again until you can success, use your failure to be your teacher. Like Savage D(n.d.) said Trial and errors are normally the top methods of fixing life’s issues. but many humans are afraid to adopt the trial as a result of they’re too fearful of experiencing the errors. A lot of people make the mistake of trusting that other people mistake is wrong and dangerous, while most of it is useful and important. mistakes offer the comments that factor the way to achievement. only mistakes push people to put together a brand new and higher trial, leading through yet more mistakes and trials until they can, in the long run, discover a feasible and innovative solution. to meet with an error isn't always to fail, however, to take one greater step in the direction to very last success. there is not any way to success without mistake. In summary, failure and mistake is a part of successful, and you should accept it to be more successful student or people.

To conclude this, there are many ways to be a successful people that you can chose to be depend on your situation. However, every way has the same thing, that are mistake and failure, it will annoy you every time and no one can stop it, but it also give a good lesson for you to learn. You can be stronger with a high skill in the case that you made mistake, and you don’t need to embarrassing when you got the mistake get it with you and analyze to learn from it before you try it again and again because most of the successful people have a lot of mistake before they success. If you do like the successful people but in your mistake case you will be more successful in your style.

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