All Love Is Expansion, All Selfishness is Contraction

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People who believe love is the law of life are free birds who aren’t bound by shackles of Exclusiveness & Insecurities whereas those who only care about their own selfish interests & needs are cocooned in the shell of isolation. Life is dynamic and sometimes it may look static & fixed but in reality, we are constantly in a state of perpetual flux where emotions, mood swings, perception, personalities & situations keep changing, this either helps us expand and grow or leads to contraction and withdrawal. In today’s fast paced world where materialistic pleasures rule the roost and people only care about themselves, their needs /interests, expansion in terms of being compassionate, empathetic is a rarity. Now a day’s people are more into themselves and don’t bother much about others unless and until it suits their own agendas & motives which can benefit them by helping out the concerned person.

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People are becoming selfish & catering to their own needs, sometimes even at the cost of other’s emotions and hard work that’s because of increasing competition and rat race to attain the Zenith is prevalent amongst all be it employees, peers or colleagues. We are constantly looking to outdo others which isn’t totally wrong if done in a healthy competitive way but being too egoistic, thinking too high & mighty about oneself leads to isolation of sorts where we don’t bother about being generous, helpful and kind to others. Constantly complaining, nagging, gossiping about others leads to people being judgmental and condemning others with whom their wavelength doesn’t match. All this in turn contracts our thought process, effects our skills and hampers our scope of expanding our horizons which could lead us to explore new avenues & acquiring new skill sets.

In previous generations people were more open to helping out fellow beings by selfless, kind, empathetic, compassionate towards them. All this- costs nothing but has a huge impact to play in our respective lives which we usually don’t realize. Eminent personalities like Swami Vivekananda, Mother Teresa gave and spread love through various charitable, educative, social ways. Being bit selfish and concerned about our own well-being, performance, grades etc. is absolutely fine if done to an extent where our goal is related to career growth, promotion, getting perks & incentives. But today most of us are heading towards being exclusive, unapproachable and being caged & bound by our own set predetermined notions.

This effects our overall growth; personality development & restrains our interpersonal relationships too which hold a very significant value for each one of us to survive in this Millennial Era Of Cut Throat Competition. Interpersonal relationships are getting effected in families, workplace, relations between friends etc. & we generally don’t really look within ourselves that maybe somewhere fault lies within us, Rather we are ready to blame it all upon others but in most cases its all due to our attitudes, mindsets which is slowly turning all of us into a robot who doesn’t endure much feelings pertaining to being compassionate, generous, humane & empathetic towards our peers. I won’t say ‘All’ but ‘Most’ of us are turning into borderline Narcissist wherein we only consider about ourselves & always want to be the Centre of attention and have mindsets that universe revolves around us. This thinking is not only stagnating out our thoughts, growth but its actually making us go into the phase of detachment & loneliness wherein we maybe living with people under the same roof or working with peers in the same office but deep down we are all by ourselves and nobody is to be blamed except us for imbibing this kind of persona which doesn’t have an ounce of positivity, humility.

Though our Nation is advancing at a fast pace where innovations in science & technology along with advancement in telecom, internet services our going upwards by attaining a staggering level of advancement but at the same time emotions of being generous, grateful, compassionate, selfless are depleting at a much more faster rate & that is a cause of concern. We may think that all this doesn’t really matter as long as we are financially well off, with rocking careers but generally people tend to forget that relationships be it in any stage of life which we have with our family, friends, colleagues holds utmost importance & help in our overall growth by making us expand our wings. At the end I would conclude by saying that we all should inculcate the emotion of being grateful & look at the brighter side of expanding our thoughts, thinking which in turn would give and spread love leading to our Growth in not just our personality or relationships but careers as well.

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