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Social Constructivism In Social Work Practice

What constitutes reality or how one operates within his or her environment? These two questions can be answered with many variations, yet one theory can provide a start. Social Constructivism, or the idea that “Social reality is created when clients, [or people,] in social interaction,...

Societal Power In The Information Age

Contemporary digital technologies and the practices related to them are fundamental components of contemporary power in our society. Innovations in ICTs and C3Is have been at the forefront of how societal power specifically in politics, the military and police, and the notion of utopian discourses....

Success at Work in the Information Age

With the dawn of our modern “Information Age,” the skills that lead to success at work have seen a dramatic shift. The days where a worker needed to know every aspect of their job in order to be successful are over, and new competencies have...

Filter Bubbles: Helpful Or Harmful

A Filter bubble is described as “intellectual isolation that results from searches when a website algorithm assumes what information a user would like to see”. The internet keeps on file the things that a user searches for and what websites they frequently use. The internet...

The Importance Of Information In The Modern World

The advanced world depends on information, and nobody delivers a greater amount of it than China’s 1.4 billion web clients. The tremendous abundance of data these clients emanate has helped Chinese tech organizations turn out to be a portion of the world’s ideal, and prompted...

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