A Story of Being Human and Making Mistakes

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We are all human. Therefore, we all make mistakes. But the one thing that comes out of these mistakes, is we usually learn a lesson. Making mistakes is human nature, none of us are exempt. That is even true in writing this paper, I will have to write many drafts without errors, and to meet what I feel is right. It will only be natural for me to make these mistakes. But, just as in making errors on this paper and making the corrections, making mistakes in life and correcting those makes for a better human being.

During my twenty years of life, I have made many mistakes. More than I can share. But I have learned many lessons from those mistakes. One hard earned lesson came at the age of sixteen, the age when we all feel we have reached adulthood. From the moment, I received my driver’s permit, my parents kept telling me, “Be Careful and Drive Safe!” Not being a safe driver could cost you, your life, or someone else’s live. Primarily you will pay the price for being reckless.

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I remembered the day I got my driver’s permit, I was so happy and relief, I was thinking to myself: “Finally I can go to wherever I want!”. However, my parents were repeatedly telling me to be careful and what can happen while I’m driving alone on the road. Honestly, I did not even care about what they said and I just thought that they were exaggerating everything. Then the next day was the first day driving alone of mine, I was so exciting to get on the road. Getting ready, I quickly got into my car and started the car to go to my friend’s house. Everything was nice and smooth at first, then I arrived at Joe’s place, he got it and began to compliment my new car. Therefore, I felt so confident that I decided in a blink of an eye to give him a ride to show off what I had. At first it was just a few turns around his house area. But things just weren’t simple like that. Feeling so arrogant about my driving ability, I started to drive him to big roads. When I saw no one in front of me, I speeded up. Suddenly, I noticed that there was an email popped up in my phone. It was finally the time that my favorite shoes were released! Therefore, that message had to be seen. Rushingly crab my phone, I took my eyes off the road to check the screen. So, into what was happening online, I totally forgot that I was driving. Joe was on his phone too, so we were both distracted. The speed was increased time through time, to the point that Joe got his head up and shouted at me: “Red light! Stop!” His words were like a shot into my head. I instantly looked up and hit a hard brake. As a result, the car stopped immediately. Unfortunately, I heard a “Boom!” behind my car. Yes, my car was hit in the back. The hit was too hard that it almost collapsed the car. I was breath taking at that moment and I just didn’t know what was happening. All I remembered was that it happened fast and so seriously that everything seemed to be run in a circle and I started to feel dizziness.

The next thing I know, two police cars, one fire truck, and two ambulances came to the accident. It was very heart-pumping. I turned my head to see how was Joe. Luckily, we were alright. I stepped out of the car, clearly saw my car’s condition and began to panic: “My dad’s going to kill me…” Fifteen minutes later, my parents arrived to the accident. As they had finally come, I was so scared because of what I just did and thought that I could never get out of my house alone anymore. On the other hand, my parents looked so worried when I saw me. Mom quickly ran toward and hugged me and she made me feel so guilty, ashamed of myself. After the accident, I did not let myself drive for months. Even though it was not my fault by the law because I stopped right at the red light and my car was hit in the back by someone else. But if I drove carefully and kept my eyes on the road without speeding up, I would not harm myself by stopping immediately, and people behind me would not have chance to hit my car. The mistake could be avoided!

To Conclude

All in all, I’ve learned an important lesson after this life-changing moment is that: Parents are always loving, caring and worrying about their children. They have been through your age of living. And what they’re hoping is that you know how to take care of yourself, how to be a good person from the inside out. You might think they’re annoying at the moment, but as time passes by, their words would be heard and remembered by you. Furthermore, you must not be texting or surfing the internet while driving. Once again, not being a safe driver could cost you, your life, or someone else’s life. Primarily you will pay the price for being reckless and for making your own mistakes that could be avoided.

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