Importance Of Investing And How We Save Our Money

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July 27-28 2018 Laguna College held its first celebration of Accounting week. The seminar started early in the morning, in the seminar, the guest speaker Mr. John Richard Valdeavilla, listed and explained the about importance of investing and how we save our money. This topic is very helpful for someone like me to enhance my knowledge about how to manage my money.

He presented a financial pyramid that consists of Transfer, investment, Insurance and savings. Base on the power point that Mr. Valdeavilla we have three major uncertainties in life first is death second is disability and lastly illness. These three affects everyone if these occur all the money we make or saved will be gone instantly.

Before, I thought life insurance is only applicable to wealthy people and rich countries. Is life insurance even good option for post graduates students who have no intentions of having children at the moment? Would we prefer to get insurance for our husband/spouses and if so what insurances are best for the best policies? But my views change when I watched a short film about life insurance.

In the short film that we watched it just amazing how your life can be saved with just a phone call away. It is nice and funny film but alarming as well. We need to bear in mind that “there can’t be a crisis next week as our schedule is already full” (quoted by anonymous). I order to prevent this, Not tomorrow, not next week but now! You will never know you can save your loved ones life even in your afterlife.

This seminar has taught me a lot about future life that is to be expected and it made me realize what expenses we are going to have to start paying in the near future. There is a certain time where it’s time to move out and you’re after your own. The time seems like it’s coming soon. We need to save money for us to support our self and be financially secure and provide a safety in case of an emergency.

As soon as the guest speaker are over , We had a game it only last about 30 minutes, it is fun, the questions are related to accounting so it is a informative game after all. We had fun even if, we are the only section that participated that time.

On the Second day of the seminar its focus on playing games/sports on the entire day. The excitement of the six teams, pink, black, maroon, red, green and lastly our team color blue. Cheers and shouts from each team filled the cultural hall. When all the teams arrived it is started with the group cheer, It test are coordination as a section.

Even though I’m not a person who enjoys games/sports very much. I just love this day. Many participants showcase their talents like singing, everyone participate actively on games. There are variety of games you can choose to play it is really fun. We all participate in all games but sadly we didn’t win on a single game. It’s okay I have my fun and that’s all matter. So when they announced that they are giving special award we didn’t expect that that our section will be the one getting the best section award.

Games and sports are important for us students it is good that we have this kind of event once a year and not always focus in academics, which are really tiring and stressful. This event improved our self-confidence, improve our social relation, allows my ability to social interact with others. It also teaches us the value of sportsmanship. The ability to admit defeat is a sign of maturity and a skill for success.

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