Building Capacity: Improving Your Skills

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On behalf of Access Community Services Limited, which is one of Australia’s foremost multinational, Non- Governmental Organizations and has more than thirty years of experience in the provision of employment, training, youth support services, opportunities for migrants and refugees, and empowerment of the women as one of its key components. We appreciate your efforts towards empowering the women in Afghanistan as well. Unemployment is second big issue after security for Afghans who are leaving Afghanistan to secure jobs in other countries and it leads to immigration and becoming refuges in other nations. According to a study done by Central Statistics Organization, the unemployment figure for 2015 was only 25 percent. In 2015, unemployment has just spiked and reached to 40 percent of its time in Afghanistan. In addition, according to International Labor Organization, Afghanistan presently has the highest rate of unemployment in the World.

When we look to the situation of women in Afghanistan, unemployment is stated as the second biggest problem Afghan women are facing and a separate study indicated that only less than a quarter of government positions are occupied by women. Although Article 48 of the Afghanistan constitution stipulates that every Afghan have the right to work, the government has been weak in paving the way for providing jobs and employment.

The reason behind these unemployment is not just about the government to provide job opportunities for its citizens, it’s also about lack of professional skills and no new training while they are working inside the companies that the employees should have it and acquire it. Capacity building trainings for employees is a major success behind every success firms and organization in many other countries. Companies provide professional capacity building to increase their profit, productivity and motivation of their staff. Although this training helps and assists the company, it has also had a major role in securing job in a company, which directly effects unemployment.

The other reason is that students do not learn everything related to job and company environments while they are studying back at university and college. In fact, they lack many important and crucial lessons that they can only learn once they enter the job market. Besides, the academic lessons at Public and most of private universities are out-dated and according to the World Education News Reviews, Afghanistan education system still remains fragile. With this in mind, we cannot be sure that once students graduated from universities, they can work in job markets.

Capacity building is defined as the ability of an organization to achieve their mission in an effective manner. It can also be described as the strategies or actions that an organization takes to ensure that it has the resources needed to success. Capacity building is important because it encourages the leadership of nonprofit to evaluate their abilities to perform in a complex environment. According to National Council of Nonprofits, capacity-building trainings develops competencies and skills that can make them more effective and sustainable, thus, increasing the potential for charitable nonprofits to enrich lives and solve society’s most intractable problems.

The project key activities will be implemented by an international organization named SearchPath Kar Ara, which is consultancy, search, and talent recruitment Franchise Company in Afghanistan. The training will be conducted to 100s of employees 60% women, 40% men, in each specific sections such as HR and Communication, Financial Management, Sales and Marketing, Management and Administration, IT management and Soft Skills training for all of these mentioned positions which will be around 600 of women and men in different companies and firms in Afghanistan.

  • Financial Management
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Management and Administration
  • IT Management
  • Soft Skills

The overall objective of this amazing and outstanding project is to increase the skills of both women and men who are close to the risk of losing their jobs and boosting the hard and soft skills of employees who are the core of the companies. Therefore, we intend that employees and graduate student who successfully complete the training course are amazingly increased and boost their productivity in companies and get better employment. The scope of grant will include component such as capacity building training for employees of firms and companies.

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