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Passion and Perseverance: The Key to Success for Student-Athletes

Success. One word that has many different meanings to many different people. To some, it means making a great amount of money, while others define it as finding happiness and love. However, student-athletes define success a bit differently. To a student-athlete, success means winning games,...

The Road to Equity: Evaluating the Case for Paying Student Athletes

Globally, there have been conversations and debates on whether to pay college athletes. In recent times, generating revenues with these athletes has intensified, drawing the attention of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). Arguments debate that these athletes from colleges are just students and they...

Macronutrient Intake in Team Sport Athletes

Introduction: Optimizing energy intake and macronutrient composition is crucial for enhancing performance and supporting the training demands of team sport athletes. Inadequate energy intake during training can lead to adverse effects such as loss of lean muscle mass and decreased bone density, increasing the risk...

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