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Examples of the Various Uses of a Replica Sword

The sword has the blade and the hilt. Replica swords are usually user display goods. There are several reasons that you may possibly wish to get a duplicate Sword forsake. Replica swords and weapons may vary in price from cheap to the exact costly, based...

The Presence of Psychology in Fencing and Other Sports

Fencing is one of the oldest sports existing, being one of the five sports that was part of the first Olympic games. Around 1458, fencing wasn’t a sport, but an army training, but Domenico Angelo established in 1763 the first rules and made a sport...

Fencing and Indoor Volleyball as Hand-In-Hand Sports

Fencing dates back thousands of years to 1200 BCE where swordsmanship was performed as a form of military training for war, combats between two people and pastime by the Romans, Persians, Greeks, and Germanic tribes (Evangelista, 2017). Throughout the Middle Ages, sword combat became a...

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