Training: Why It's Important When Everything Is Out Of Balance

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‘It doesn’t matter how often you train or what you do, if everything else is out of balance its almost impossible to get results.’

Hiring a Personal Trainer 3 times a week will not get you results. However lets clarify this hiring a Personal Trainer and working your bum off 3 times a week to a high intensity, getting everything out of the workout that you can will give you results.

Now what do you have to do to guarantee results;

Eat for your goals.

If you can then track your macros and get me to work them all out for you, chances are you are no where near eating enough protein and are probably eating too much sugar. If your consuming more sugar than needed you do not stand a chance. If you are consuming more calories than what you are burning on a day to day basis you don’t stand a chance. If you want to build muscle but are not eating enough protein, once again you do not stand a chance. Depends how bad you want it, if you are you happy training with me the way you are then its not a problem. If you are wondering why aesthetically things are not changing even though strength and endurance wise you are then check out your macros.


No seriously sleep as much as you can (within reason), training all day every day is not good for you, you need at least one day of doing absolutely nothing. How to tell if you are lacking sleep? Muscles start to feel more sore than normal, you aren’t lifting the weights like you normally can, walking up the road is tiring. If this happens you need a day off. Your muscles need the recovery, and muscles grow and repair via eating protein and sleeping. Make sure you get that 7-8 hours of sleep a night.


Water, Water, Water. Love your water. Carry your water on you all the time and get in to habit of drinking it. This is so important. Hydration can contribute to a lot; sleep, skin, stress, hormone imbalances.


Following a Programme will not get you results. You need to be working to a high intensity, this is why training once a week or every other week with a Personal Trainer does not always work. You need to be able to push yourself to work hard. You could follow the exact same programme and get two massively different results depending on how intense you make the sessions. You need to be working hard at every single session.


Ask questions. If I correct your form or technique then try and remember it for next time. If you don’t understand why we are doing a particular exercise and are not sure what it is working then ask me. Be curious. Absorb the Knowledge and ask.


The best way to not lose weight is to drink Wine. I mean I am all for balance, if its a friends birthday or a special occasion then go for it, drink the wine, get smashed and love/ laugh about every second of it. But do not do this every weekend and then wonder why you can’t lose any fat.

If you do go out and drink then try and stick to something with a few less calories eg. Gin and Tonic, Lime Soda and Vodka. There are plenty of options.

Make you goals clear:

I treat each client very differently, make it clear to me whether your goals are purely for performance or if they are aesthetic, or if they are mixture of both and if so what is more important to you. Do you want to transform your body? Or is it all about performance for you? For me when I was training and still am training its all about performance. I never trained to look good. If at each session I was lifting heavier, running quicker, running further, getting better times etc then I was progressing. To be honest with you, I think it is a healthier habit to focus on Performance and the weight loss will come with it over time.

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