Having A Healthy Mind In A Healthy Body 

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When we think of health, we often times think of extremely physically fit people, although this is not necessarily the only definition of health. Being healthy refers to the overall health of the body and mind. While you can be a physically fit person, you may have deeper struggles that involve things like depression or even eating disorders. You can also have great mental and emotional health and still be unhealthy because of weight or other factors. Creating a healthy mind and body is different for everyone, but there are different things everyone can do to help start the process. Being healthy ensures that we all live a long life full of happiness, so we can continue to reach goals.

If you are finding yourself on an unhealthy path, it might be time to take a step back and reconsider what you might be doing. For example, if you find yourself doing things that are hurting your mental health, like excessive drinking or are experiencing fentanyl patch withdrawal symptoms, it might be time to seek help. Whether it be talking to a therapist, running, traveling, or just taking some alone time, anything can help. Trying different things and finding what works for you can not only help you but help inspire others as well. Some things that might be worth trying include:

Drink Plenty of Water

While this is something that everyone knows they need to do, it is not something that always gets done. Drinking plenty of water helps with weight loss, helps keep us hydrated, and it even helps our skin. Drinking water cuts out the sugar that we get when drinking different sodas or juices, plus keeps us from getting any negative side effects that come with drinking caffeinated sodas, like caffeine headaches.

Get A Good Nights Sleep

Our bodies need time to recover and rest, which is what normally happens when we sleep. Without getting the recommended eight hours of sleep, our bodies do not get the rest they need, which can leave us feeling bad and irritable. Without getting the sleep we need, it can begin to affect our mind, causing us to make poor decisions. It can also cause us to get into different accidents that can be avoided if we take the time to rest.

Eat Good Meals

Everyone knows how much food their bodies need and how often they should eat, but that does not mean that we are eating the right things. Eating the recommended amount of fruits, meats, vegetables, and grains are key to a healthy diet. When we fuel our bodies with sugar-filled processed foods, then we can put on excess weight, have acne breakouts, and just generally not feel well. Eating nutrient-packed meals is also good for our minds, helping to fuel it and stay focused throughout the day.


While most people think of meditation, they often times think of yoga or what is usually showed whether it be before you go to bed, in the mornings, middle of the day, or at night, using meditation can help put the mind and body at ease. Helping create a healthier, happier version of you. Meditation allows us to focus on our needs and wants. For example, if one was needing help to stop fentanyl patch withdrawal symptoms, they could use mindful meditation to help them continue on their path of sobriety.


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While most people think that baths are for small children, often times a bath is the most relaxing place to be. In the bath, you can use a multitude of different relaxing things that allow our mind and muscle to calm down, creating a calming sensation. You can use essential oils, Epsom salt, candles, and even a bubble bath to help create a calming, peaceful atmosphere. This is a great way to unwind the mind and body, helping to keep our mental health in order.


As already said before, running, walking, or any form of exercise is good for our bodies entirely. When we exercise, our bodies release endorphins, or often times referred to as “happy chemicals”, which give us almost a high. This high is what makes us feel happy and is actually our bodies natural pain killers. Endorphins act in the same way any opioid or fentanyl drug would, except without the fentanyl patch withdrawal symptoms.


While this may seem like a tiny act, taking the time to stretch each day can help keep your body limber, and gives you time to relax and reflect. Your flexibility is also an important age marker, meaning that the more you stretch and limber your body, the easier it will be for you to do simple tasks in older age. This is also an important thing to do if you also choose to exercise to help create a healthy mind and body. It prevents injuries and allows you to reach your full potential during the exercise.

Deep Breathing

While this can be used during meditation, it can also be used by itself, especially in stressful situations. If we are struggling, mentally or physically, we can take a second to take some deep breaths, giving ourselves time to calm down and reflect. Avoiding any sort of break down. When practicing deep breathing, one can try by emptying the lungs completely and inhaling in as much air as you can. After you do this, hold it in for a couple of seconds and then exhale. You can then repeat this process a couple of times, and your body and mind should begin to feel relaxed.

Avoid Toxins

Now when saying avoid toxins, I am specifically referring to drugs, cigarettes, alcohol, or any tobacco products. While this may be a problem for some to quit, but it can drastically affect the health of our body and mind. Alcohol, drugs, and tobacco products can take a negative impact on our bodies, leaving us with health problems that can last a lifetime. To keep our bodies in the best health they can be in, it is important that we choose wisely on what we put inside of it.

In Conclusion

Having a healthy body and mind does not mean that our bodies are in perfect condition, it just means that we are living a healthy lifestyle while remaining happy. Not pushing ourselves so far that we no longer enjoy the things happening. Staying in touch with how we feel, emotionally and physically, is a key factor in remaining healthy.         

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