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Having A Healthy Mind In A Healthy Body 

When we think of health, we often times think of extremely physically fit people, although this is not necessarily the only definition of health. Being healthy refers to the overall health of the body and mind. While you can be a physically fit person, you...

Industrialization Downfall Of Human Mind

Good poetry includes an overflow of powerful emotions meant to speak to the feelings of the reader and develops from a poet’s exposure to the world around him and the experiences he has in that world; the key to identifying good poetry is by discovering...

Mental Slavery: Achieving Mental Freedom

We may consider mental slavery as a psychological disease. Many kinds of illusions, abusive fantasies, frustrating discouragement, etc. create a complex gland of self-mortification in the mind area. These glands become very powerful over time. Then these responses go on various activities of day-to-day activities....

Francis Bacon’s Four Idols of the Mind 

An idol is defined as a person or thing that is deeply admired, cherished, or revered. In Francis Bacon’s book Novum Organon, he classified four intellectual fallacies of his time, which he called ‘idols’. These idols were distinguished as: the idols of the tribe, the...

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