History of Life Fitness Point: A Great Spot to Workout and Stay Healthy

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Introduction of fitness and gym

A gym is a place where physical exercises and activities performed, often using equipment. Gymnasium is a large room or club where a person can go to keep him/her fit. Gym is also referred as health club and fitness centre. There are generally two types of fitness which are physical and mental fitness. Both are very necessary for everyone in their daily life. People prefer gym to keep them physically fit. The quality and state of being fit is known as fitness. As defined by the Department of Defense (DoD), physical fitness is “the capacity to perform physical exercise, consisting of the components of aerobic capacity, muscular strength, and muscular endurance in conjunction with body fat content within an optimal range”. (Department of Defense, 2004). Sean Robson states that, “Physical fitness contributes to health, in both mind and body, positively affects job performance “. (Robson, 2013).

It is also state of health and mind. It is generally achieved through proper nutrition, sufficient rest, and physical exercise. Life Fitness, well known franchised gym in Ahmedabad and in whole Gujarat try to keep their members both physically and mentally fit. For physical fitness, they give proper schedule of workout on daily basis and also give diet plan for proper nutrition. Diet plan/chart is only recommended through expert Dietician because it deal with their members health. They provide state-of -the-art facilities, top line equipment and recruit experts and certified professional trainers to help members achieve their goal in the most effective and sufficient way possible corresponding their want, need and potential. Life fitness is highly result oriented gym point. Types of workout done in gym: chest workout, shoulder workout, biceps workout, triceps workout, leg workout etc.

Foundation/History of Life Fitness Point

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Life fitness point was started in 2010 . First branch opened in Navrangpura near Sardar Patel Stadium which was no more part of life fitness franchise. Alpesh Shah is one of the main Director and Indian Fitness & Youth Icon Mr. Sahil Khan is the brand owner of this franchised gym. Life Fitness Point is located almost across each and every area in Ahmedabad.

There are total of 10 branches of this gym in Ahmedabad which are in Shahibaug, Maninagar, Mithakali, Panjara Pol, Bhopal, Shyaamal, Nikol, Prahaladnagar, Surendrenagar and Paldi (Personal Communication, 2019). Life fitness’s Shahibaug branch is one of India’s biggest gym. Maninagar and Shahibaug branch have most number of members in their gym, average of 600-700. Each branch have minimum of 350 members and average of 450 members. Some members prefer P.T. which means personal training some were not. In each and ever branch minimum of 10 certified professional trainer is appointed. And from these trainers, gym provide/offer personal training. Charges are different from trainer to trainer. The best the trainer, higher the charges.

About Life Fitness


Facilities vary from gym to gym. Life Fitness provide not just a broad range of equipment of cardiovascular activities including: treadmills, rowers, stationery bikes, versa climbers(step machines, steppers, and rowing machines but also the equipment including resistance training: fixed weight machines (chest press, shoulder press, leg press, lat pulley down, leg extension machines etc.), dumbbells, barbells, weight plates, and also clean toilets, changing and shower rooms, temporary lockers, most importantly steam facility, café outlets, exercise mat, stability balls, skipping ropes and space to exercise. Those who are member of Life fitness can go only once in a day in gym and there is restriction on outside shoes in gym. (Personal Communication, 2019).

Opening Hours

Opening hours of life fitness on normal days are from 6 am early morning to 11 pm midnight. On Sunday, it is opened from 7 am to 1 pm and on National holidays, it will open till 11 am. (Personal Communication< 2019).

Fees Structure

As everyone knows, fees of different gyms are obviously totally different. It vary from gym to gym, it depends on what facilities respective gyms provide. As several facilities provided by life fitness, fees are little-bit high from other local gyms of Ahmedabad. Because of uncertainty, change in demand and season, fees of Life Fitness changes. They charge fees according to month wise structure, they divide it into four slabs: 1 month base, 3 months, 6 months and 12 months. Personal training charges are different from this fees structure, they generally starts from 6000 to 130000 per month.

Café Outlet

Eating a proper, nutritious diet offers numerous health benefits that keeps you physically and mentally well. (Serena Styles, 2018). Life Fitness for proper nutrition and health established their own café outlets in each franchise. Those who want pre and post workout meal can get from these café. Dietician according to their member’s workout and diet, ask them to take necessary meals like sprouts to vegetarian guys, egg for non-vegetarian etc. after workout to keep them healthy. Different types of juices, salads, sandwiches, paneer items, boiled eggs and omlets, and certain dishes any member can get and eat in these outlets. In menu card, how much calories each item contain has been mentioned, so that members would have fair idea about what to eat or what not?


Every person in the world would like to have a perfect body. In order to have a healthy and a strong body, people would need to consider going to a gym to workout. Because fitness is important and necessary, this topic is taken to give certain information about gyms.

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