Why College Football Shouldn't Be Abolished

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Why College Football Shouldn't Be Abolished essay
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Is it true that college football does not further or accelerate the primary of higher education or focus in school or weather sports; football, which is not academics, but yet is at the same time? Therefore, should it still be banned? In my opinion I believe that college football should not be abolished. Reasoning for why people want to ban college football is because we believe that it is too dangerous for humans. College football is dangerous and hazardous and causes lots of accidents. It also has outrageously climbing salaries and costs from participating in the sport. But it does benefit students, communities, student athletes and is a part of American culture. It impacts college life just as much as theater, music and art. And it is a choice athletes make to use their talent this way and that spectators pay to see. Haven't you seen football athletes get in accidents? Yeah you have, but right after they go right back on that field.

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There's a reason they get back up and dont quiet. They have determination. So why would you want to take that away from then, obviously they know it's dangerous, they play the sport, but if they didn't want to play it they would choose not to play. Football is a great sport and when I was in high school I played high school football. Throughout my high school career I believe it made an impact on me. I thrive to exceed more and do better on my grades so I could stay in football. I focused more in school, it made school more interesting and it made me want to go to school because after I had football practice. Football is not a sport for everyone, but the people who it is their sport they know how it makes then feel. It makes me feel free, excited, thrilled, passionate, needed, and it helps you bond with others and create new friends and lets you experience feelings and emotions you have never had before and it feels amazing. It makes you feel special and that it right for you it builds character, it builds you. College football is a very important part of life to some people and a good one part of their lives.

College football creates heroes; it inspires the masses, and props up numerous industries such as radio, television, newspapers, the Internet, food services, lodging, medicine and sports training. It is just beginning to impact social media, a modern thread that ties together society in a very unique way. If people think football is dangerous and should be band there are other sports that are a lot more reckless than football; hockey, ballet, gymnastics, soccer, track, and boxing. These sports describe people and help then find who they are. Not everyone is the same different things help people in different ways and helps then cope with life and themselves. Sometimes sports is all you need and all you have that makes you happy. It's what makes you, you and makes you a better person. So if you take away football, you're taking a piece of someone's life away and their personality.

There's an article I read in a sports newspaper. I read that Bissinger bought his 'Friday Night Lights' when it came off the press back in 1990. But if football wasn't so important to him, why did he move to Odessa, Texas, and write about a microcosm of the game at the high school level? Sure, the book won a Pulitzer and made him a lot of money and was great insight into what the game did to individuals. He wanted to write about football and his experience and hoped one day more people would feel what he felt. He went out of his way and dropped everything and pushed everything aside just for football and to help others. If football didn't matter that much to him he wouldn't have done that. He's not the only one who feels like football is apart of them. It was a part of his life they he couldn't lose. People don't think that sports don't matter or kicking a ball around and catching it matters, But that's the point: It does matter.

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The essay explores the contentious issue of whether college football should be abolished. The writer argues that college football should not be banned due to its benefits for students, communities, and athletes. While the essay presents some valid points, the arguments lack depth and complexity. The writing is straightforward but could benefit from better organization and more varied sentence structures. The essay's effectiveness could be enhanced by addressing counterarguments and providing more concrete evidence or examples to support claims. The personal anecdotes add a relatable touch, but a more thorough exploration of the topic and a stronger connection to the broader context would improve the overall persuasive impact.
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Introduction and Thesis: Strengthen the introduction with a clearer thesis statement that outlines the main arguments. Counterarguments: Address potential counterarguments to make the essay more well-rounded and persuasive. Evidence: Provide more specific evidence, statistics, or examples to support the claims made. Organization: Organize the essay with distinct paragraphs for each main point and use transitions for better coherence. Sentence Variety: Use a variety of sentence structures for improved flow and engagement. Conclusion: Summarize the main points and restate the thesis in the conclusion for a more impactful ending.
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Why College Football Shouldn't Be Abolished essay

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