John F. Kennedy's Short Biography

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John F. Kennedy was born into a wealthy political family. Most of the presidents we’ve had have been. John was practically destined to be in politics from the start of his life. He was also a very smart man he graduated from Harvard. His dad Joseph P. Kennedy was a businessman and politician. His mother on the other hand was a philanthropist and a socialite. His grandfather was a U.S. Congressman and was elected two terms to be the Mayor of Boston. John had a big family he had one older brother along with 7 younger siblings.

Kennedy lived in Brookline, Boston for most of his life. He was into going to church as in June of 1917 he was baptized at St. Aidan’s Church. While he was growing up his dad would have to leave long time frames at a time since he was a businessman and he travels a lot. While growing up to keep himself busy he was a Boy Scout. His education was very important to his family and himself as they’d send him to the best of the best in education. For example, in 1931 he decided to attend Choate which is a prestigious boarding school that lasts from 9th to 12th grade. His brother Joe was already at the school when John decided to attend his brother was a football player and a leading student. John was sort of a troublemaker as his friends and himself pulled a stunt that caused their headmaster to call them “muckers” and people who would “spit in our sea”. Unfortunately for John, he had health problems while attending high school. He was diagnosed with Colitis.

During his presidency, his naval background allowed him to really understand everything that was going on during the cold war. He also allowed the people to feel really involved with him the quote he came up with was “Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country”. This quote was powerful and allowed the people to have a different outlook on what the government was doing. He was trying to bring an end to any conflicts that were against the U.S. he tried to make peace with the Soviet Union and made the approval to invade Cuba and overthrow their leader at the time, Fidel Castro. He also had a major accomplishment in the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty. This was getting rid of a big worry the U.S. had as he thought the nuclear weapons being made and tested would be a devastating blow to any country and its innocent people. He was also the youngest president ever elected.

One major law JFK made was the Civil Rights Act. This was made as JFK was made to look like a villain as the events in Birmingham, Alabama was a horrific scene. The Civil Rights Act did something that protesters and many others tried to do and it ended segregation. During his presidency he also had a plan that was called “War on Poverty” this went into effect after the U.S. Steel Corporation tried to have a 3.5% price increase. He tried to push for this to happen, but it, unfortunately, didn’t happen until after his death. He also had a major achievement in the Peace Corps. He would go out to needy countries and give them educations, financial aid, and physical aid.

Most things JFK did were helpful and a push in the right direction with not only the U.S. but other countries too. His main emphasis was peace as in the U.S. he ended segregation and then he also tried to make peace with foreign countries. He, unfortunately, had a brutal death but the laws passed after also had the same ideas.   

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