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Panama - Relations with Central America

Panama is a country located in North as well as in South America, which makes it a transcontinental country. Panama’s adjacent countries contain Costa Rica and Colombia. Furthermore, the land boarders the Pacific Ocean in the south and Caribbean Sea in the north (Panama 2020)....

History Of The Panama Canal Financing And Its Role In The International Trade

First attempt by the French With trade being the most important industry in the world at the time, it is no surprise that many countries explored the possibility of bridging the gap between the two oceans. During the start of the eighteenth century reaching the...

Political Premises of Panama Canal Construction

With a troubled and problematic past, Panama and the United States did not end their feud after the finalized construction of the Panama Canal. The sovereignty of the United States over the middle of Panama’s territory and the canal caused numerous social, economic, and political...

Panama, the Homeland for the Panama Canal

The Republic of Panama, also known as the “Crossroads of the World”, is a vast country full of diverse cultures, many animal and plant specimens, and a wide spread of agriculture. Panama is located in Central America, on a slim piece of land (Isthmus of...

Panama Canal as the Centre of Immigration

Immigration is at the foundation of our society today, almost every country has citizens who didn’t originate from that country. Canada, specifically, is known and celebrated for its diversity, yet it once wasn’t so accepting of immigrants. For years Canada viewed itself as a “White...

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