Essay Samples on Infrastructure

The Economy of Democracy: Preserving Africa's Autonomy

Abstract Economies and regulations are so intertwined, a debate on which follows the other is most likely to go infinitely low income countries in Africa are heavily borrowing in a bid to develop sustainable economies. Borrowing and assistance to countries promote diplomatic ties and propel…

The Inevitability of State Formation and Its Prevention

A ‘state’ is socio-geo-political entity with a government which exercises control over all spheres of life. State is a construct thus fluid in nature. The formation of ‘state’ is still a polemical issue, various historians have tried to provide logic to this answer in their…

The Affordability of Columbia and Panama

For many countries around the world, their dominance or rise to the top of football started right from the bottom of the pack. Playing against other nations was seen as a valuable way to gain some playing time and training. That assumption has been proven…

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