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Urban Infrastructure and Its Relation to Modern Living

Urban infrastructure is the networks of systems in a city that aid the running of the city and the people in it. It is a very broad term that refers to the framework that provides operation and organisation which in turn makes economic development possible...

Introduction to Urban Infrastructure: Transport Sector Development

Urban infrastructure defines the framework of a city and its inhabitants and is an important factor in the outcome of a city’s economic growth. To keep up with GDP growth, it is estimated that $17 trillion is required for the Asia-Pacific region to meet this...

Justification in the Urban Environments

Urbanization is increasing in both the developed and developing countries. Over three-quarter of the population of the industrialized countries now reside in urban areas due to massive movement from rural to urban areas. Nigeria is not left out of this. The growth experienced by the...

The Principles of New Urbanism in the Design of Poundbury

This essay tries to explore the design principles of new urbanism that Poundbury applied to create a new community and how the Prince of Wales himself had a direct influence on the architectural style. Additionally, this essay touches on the effect of new urban town...

The Purpose and Principles of New Urbanism in Social Community

New Urbanism is a planning trend that values sustainability, mixed housing types, mixed land use, diverse transportation options, sociability and walkable communities. On the other hand, traditional planning focuses more on urban sprawls, less diverse and more separated housing and a higher reliance on vehicle...

The Impact of New Urbanism on Cities in the United States of America

Introduction New Urbanism, the sustainable development of cities based on minimizing the carbon footprint of the cities, has had a weighted effect on American cities. This urban design movement started in the early 1980s as a reaction to urban sprawl and promotes an environmentally clean...

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