Essay Samples on Bridge

The Bridge Home: An Inspiring Coming of Age Story

In the Bridge Home, the story highlights the themes of Disillusionment and coming of age. The story takes place back in the mid-1900s in Chennai India. The author Padma Venkatraman spreads the message of the obstacles that young children living on the streets have to...

Ethical Issues in Tacoma Narrows Bridge

Ethics which define as the moral principles is one of the things that engineers must concern about. One of the case studies that include ethical problems and mistakes done by engineers is “The failure of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge in 1940.” Tacoma Narrow Bridge, opened...

Ethics Case Study: Bridge Collapse

Executive Summary Samantha Cordell found it hard to accept what her chief had done. Being an accomplished designer for a district government, Samantha was administering a countywide scaffold review venture. At some point, a reviewer she regarded called to state that he thought the BB–...

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