Essay Samples on Voting

Greg Abbott – My Voting Preference

Young people coming out to vote can be make a huge difference in the November 2018 election. Although not always consistent, the younger community is more diverse. Many people feel like their voice doesn’t matter but that simply isn’t true. In fact, by not registering…

The Electoral Authoritarianism In Russia

Although strides towards democracy have been made since the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia still falters on fundamental ideas to fully classify the country as a democracy. With United Russia, Russia’s largest political party, having an overwhelming majority in both the legislative and executive…

Voices That Need To Be Heard

In this year alone, based on the results of the non-profit group Gun Violence Archive, there have been 40,828 documented incidents involving gun violence. 2,018 of those incidents involved teens from the ages of 12-17 that were either killed or injured. Yet 2,018 teens have…

The 2018 Election Issues In Brazil

Gaining independence in 1822, the Federative Republic of Brazil is a Federal Presidential Republic and will hold an election in October of 2018 to elect the Chief of State and head of government, the president. After the impeachment of President Dilma Rousseff, his vice president,…

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