Negative Impact Of Compulsory Voting Rules In America

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American citizens should not be required to vote, compulsory voting contradicts the constitutional purpose of democracy itself. We believe that democracy is to be linked to freedom. This freedom that is connected to a country that uses democracy includes the right to vote, as well as the right not to vote or voice their opinion. Requiring Americans to cast their vote by law, a variety of problems would occur that would alter the essence of the current voting system in itself and the freedoms that many citizens habitually take for granted. Even though it might be successful in other countries, compulsory voting would only be problematic due to the American people's belief in the freedom to choose or to not. Americans should not be required to vote because, uneducated voters could potentially hurt the country, forcing people to do something is unconstitutional, likewise is double-dealing to our democratic system, and compulsory voting statistics show lower political satisfaction rates. Although everyone is entitled to a vote, if everyone is required to vote, then there would be roughly sixty-percent more uneducated voters. The votes of the uneducated could be impulsive or arbitrary choices.

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This could lead to non-qualified candidates taking office. This also shows that if young people or the uneducated are forced to vote they could potentially make poor decisions. The connection between voter turnout between the young and old age citizens, as well as those with higher education levels, show to be greater as shown in Document B. The constitution is all about having liberty across the nation and making sure everyone has equal rights. A nation cannot be free if they are required to vote. Compulsory voting goes against the rules our nation was founded upon, so why would it be a good idea to require such a nonsensical proposition in America.

In Document C, John Dean compares compulsory voting to means such as requiring us to attend a school or serve on a jury. Voting is a privilege that we have the right to choose to use. Just because we are subjected to other requirements doesn’t mean this should be one. Anything less than being able to choose to vote would not be in accordance with our constitutional rights. Even though America may be one of the countries with the smallest voter turnouts, it is among the highest rates of voter satisfaction. As stated firmly in Document D, Italy had compulsory voting and because of this, it has low political satisfaction rates.

Governments with one-hundred-percent voter turnout due to voting laws just put a happy face on their people, while they remain dissatisfied and have discontent in their heart. Document F shows how Peru not only fines those who don’t vote, they a keep a frequently updated national database on all their citizens which threatens privacy. If this manner was to be used in the United States it would be considered a direct betrayal of our democratic rights which is why compulsory voting should not be utilized in America.

To conclude Americans should not be required to vote for many reasons. The reason being, it is unconstitutional to force people to vote, as well as going against everything we stand for as a democracy. In Addition, a reason being uneducated voters moreover young voters could hurt the country. And my final reason compulsory voting lowers political satisfaction rates.

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