The Measures Needed to Ensure Peaceful Elections in Ghana

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It is virtually desirable that countries are typically seconding that election is the first rate way of transferring political power. Election is therefore the system by way of which public leaders are chosen with the aid of the heaps with the intention of them fostering national development. Election is a mechanism to test political barometer. There are many types of elections. Some of them are ordinary elections, run-off election etc. Election is a quadrennial affair in Ghana and is to make certain continuity of authorities. The factors underneath are some ways of making positive there are peaceable elections.

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Firstly, the provision of an unbiased physique to deal with elections is crucial in making sure peaceful elections. There ought to be an unbiased body besides bias, unbiased and is sincere to all the a variety of political events in the state. The election in Ghana is treated thru the Electoral Commission. The fee is set up through acts of parliament and is headed by using a chairman alongside two deputy speakers and 4 other members. This is to make positive that effects given on the election day are credible and applicable sufficient to the masses or the populace so the effects can be widespread in an orderly and peaceful fashion. This functionality that conflict is averted between the political parties and it's contributors which can give up up affecting peace on account that the end result is backed by way of the constitution.

Secondly, political events ought to no longer be based totally on ethnic lines. For there to be peaceful elections it have to be mentioned that the masses ought to not create political activities and restriction the contributors to solely a precise ethnic group and reject people who don't qualify. They ought to use decorous languages alternatively no longer derogatory remarks on individuals in other parties. Using derogatory remarks causes conflicts based totally definitely on ethnicity and will step by means of step grow to turn out to be political birthday birthday party struggle for the period of elections. This can halt improvement for the reason that capable humans who can work collectively are separated due to the reality of ethnicity. At a lengthy run it influences peace before, in the course of and after elections.

Thirdly, the media have to grant equal illustration of the range of political parties. The media which has taken the identify as the fourth arm of authorities have to provide every and each and every single political birthday occasion or unbiased candidate equal insurance on nation manipulate media. The media should furnish equal probability to political events to contemporary the policies to the toes of the loads for them to analyze and choose what will be favorable for themselves, their households and the kingdom at large. This is to cease the suspicion of the occasion in energy antagonizing the opponents. These insurance plan insurance policies and packages are what they intend to act upon when voted into political power. The media have to host forums with the candidates for the populace to select out whom they see in shape and competent.

Overall, Ghanaians recognize that election is the way their voices can be heard in the approach of governance. It have to be clear that peace is better than all the riches other international locations flaunt about. There is solely one Ghana so we ought to shield it with all our hearts, souls and minds.

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