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Violent Events in America in the 1850s

The decade of the 1850s in the United States of America was one of the most violent and brutal decades that Americans had seen at the time. Many events led to increased sectionalism and animosity across the nation. These events were violent and occurred because...

American War of 1812: The Rise of Nationalism

For nationalism to prosper, clearly the United States needed to demonstrate its test effective. The War of 1812 was one demonstrating ground. More noteworthy than a strategic accomplishment against Britain was the marvelous ascent in the national economy, started by populace increment, regional acquisitions, and...

The Era of Good Feeling: American Nationalism and Sectionalism

The Era of Good Feeling is used to express the national mood of the united states during the time periods 1815-1825. During this time there was a wide seperation between the north and south. The reason its called “The Era of Good Feeling” is because...

The Rise of Sectionalism in the U.S.

The United States has changed a lot from the 1800’s up until now. Many of the ways the country has changed are positive, helping the economy, changing the social aspects, as well as changing the way politics are. During the 1800’s slavery was a huge...

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