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Ceos Being Paid Too Much Money Is A Bad Thing

Initially, the question as to whether or not CEOs are paid too much may seem to be a matter of subjective opinion. However, research indicates that pay disparity beyond a certain ratio can lead to adverse implications in society. According to one source, income inequality...

The Need For The Government To Raise The Minimum Wage

It is quite common for someone to look at a problem and try to solve it with momentary solutions for they seldom look past the apparent indications of that specific problem. It is much easier to quench the thirst of several hundred people temporarily and...

Main Reasons Of The Australian Unions Decline

In 1820 free workers established the first Australian Unions in Sydney and Hobart Succeeding this; by the late 1930s unions had rapidly spread throughout the nation, with 400 unions formed between the years 1850 to 1869. Today there is nearly one hundred unions in Australia,...

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