Employee Benefit and Overtime Structure foe Workforce Security

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Stability and change is important for the organizations to find the right balance in, which most of them struggle to figure out. However, the idea for stability has become somewhat abandoned due the digital transformation and innovation, but the benefits of this concept has to be visited again. The workforce must be able to feel secured in several things if the intention is to develop an environment where contributors are given value. Things such as well-timed feedback, proper resource distribution and the attention to work structure.

In the year 2017-2018, the employees at onshore location leaving the organization more than anticipated which brings a serious concern to the management. The cross functional team along with HR team analyzed the trend and figure through various methods mentioned in the introduction at various clusters. It was essential to perform consistently to achieve the key performance indicators as mentioned in the contract document. The retention of the experienced talent is the most significant part to achieve the KPI. Based on the KPI performance the decision of contract extension will be decided by the client. Internal benchmarking of employee exit in the previous years has been by comparing the subsidiary organization. The yearly average of exiting employee is found is 4 to 5%.

The overall percentage of employee exit in 2017-18 is found to be 8% which is very alarming. This made the wakeup call for the management to study the reasons, feedback from the employees, engaging session and implement the immediate most effective solutions on urgent basis. The labor market is tightening up. Organizations are having trouble in recruiting for open positions and it is becoming more time intense. The reimbursement and benefits packages are now put behind by the employers and new avenues are being explored in order to attract strong candidates. These are the plans which might be striking towards fresh graduates or young experts, or those looking for a job switch.

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The various root causes for the employee exit has been identified by the data gathered from the approved strategies. Management has always supported for the rational decision making with value maximizing choice for the organization and employees. The core problem needs to be addressed on urgent basis has been filtered out by conducting the Kaizen workshop.

Theoretical Causes Of The Problem

Productivity and efficiency have been reduced in the year 2017-18. Client has been formally flagged the issue in several forums. From the previous learnings the reason behind the problem is lack of competent and skilled manpower, due the frequent exit of employees.

Manpower capital is getting drained day by day and clusters are under-resourced. New employees getting recruited, getting acquired training, development and to cop up with the onsite job requires time and cost. From the various forums like exit interviews, surveys and employee engagement sessions, various root causes identified for employee off boarding. Evaluated the major reasons based on the information gathered from the technique. The four major root causes are ranked as per the number of the frequency and consequence; the decision criteria used to rank the issues is utilitarianism. The overall feedback from various clusters has been collated, percentage of various reasons for employee exit is given below.

  • Other organization in similar industry is providing better leave (rotation cycle).

Onsite employees are provided a leave cycle after working a stipulated day. The hardship leave days are depending on the organizational policies. The leave cycle is an important aspect of an employee feeling motivated to stay with the company, better cycle means more relaxation for the employee however increase or decrease in leaves may lead towards loss in productivity. A set standard for the leave cycle is important because it may lead towards a fresh and efficient employee.

  • Better overtime structure and reward to the employees is offered by various organizations.

Overtime is always a concern for the employees working at hard weather and extended time. Companies always rewarded with better overtime structure for the job satisfaction. The overtime aspect here is beneficial in this situation. Overtime gives workers the chance to earn more than their salary. Overtime pay is usually what an employee earns in their own time plus a half of an hour, this can sometimes even be the double of an employees pay. So, if an employee is looking towards making more money, they can turn towards overtime, which is the easiest way. This enables employee to take advantage of their productivity flow individually. The productivity for an employee however depends upon them. The employees who don’t really perform well in the morning can get an advantage by working at night. The natural workflow can fit into their time which is sometimes not the designated time to work leading towards earning money. This also gives the employee freedom and independence to perform their duties. Moreover, working overtime in order to compensate for some other day can also motivate an employee and give them a feel that they are being cared for. The overtime procedure helps the employee in recognizing that the work they’re doing is not monotonous or boring and also takes cares of their schedule.

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