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Understanding the Minimum Wage and Poverty Line

Introduction The debate on the minimum wage in the United States has faced maximum coverage in the recent past. Most people argue that increasing the minimum wage may not lead to a loss of employment opportunities. Ideally, the minimum wage is associated with an increase...

Minimum Wage: The Slow Increase and Development History

Politicians had been advocating for minimum salary growth often over the previous couple of years and elections. Most Democrats argue for growth at the same time as Republicans generally oppose it. Democrats say we want a boom in the minimal salary to raise human beings...

The Correlation of Crime and Unemployment Rates

The aim of this investigation was to determine if there is a correlation between total recorded crime rates and unemployment rates from 1981 until 2016 in England and Wales. It was found out that there is a moderate negative correlation by observing the data plots...

Youth Unemployment in Australia: Consequences and Solutions

Abstract Youth unemployment has about multiplied since mid-2008, with around 300,000 youth now jobless in Australia, representing over 33% of aggregate unemployment. The youth unemployment has averaged 13.5% previously a year, more than double the grown-up unemployment rate. There are numerous reasons for youth unemployment,...

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