The Growing Concern About Unemployment Among Graduates

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Unemployment is one of the most unsatisfied words that puts most of the graduates in depression, which means the unemployed who are actively and drastically searching for jobs. Unemployment is a fundamental economic factor due to the current cost of unemployment which is high and it measures the health of the current economy. Over the past years, there has been a growing concern in the issue of high unemployment rates among our local graduates. Some made it to the headlines, newspapers and even in the blogs. This shows how serious the issue of unemployment is, so in this argumentative essay we will explore this problem, its state and main causes. It is insane that local universities, public or private higher institutions produced a huge count of graduates annually but the percentages of the graduates get a job is surprisingly low.

There are plenty of reasons why the rate of unemployment is at a high rate. Among those reasons are lack of experience in graduates, lack of social and communication skill and failure in choosing the right career path among the graduates. Most of the developed and successful companies in Malaysia always seek for an employee with a great working experience. This is the main reason for the higher rate of unemployment among fresh graduates. University studies are mostly acquired from textbooks, and notes given by the lecturers which is a great failure to obtain real like working experience among the graduates. The internship duration among the universities should be increased to at least one year so that the students can upgrade their working skills in particular courses. Students should apply internship in companies which is related to their studies. This may improve their working and practical skills.

Argumentative Essay About Unemployment Among Graduates

The main reason for companies to seek for an experienced employee is to reduce the cost of training the newly appointed employee without experience. Instead of wasting much time on training the employees without experience, they can employ those with great experience who can perform well and complete their works effectively. Fresh graduates tend to spend much time on adapting the new environment and learning the job skills. The knowledge obtained in universities not suitable or applicable in real life experience. Students always need practical skills to familiarize themselves with the job skills. Some of the graduate job-seekers are with high expectation for their first jobs. Even they are aware they lack of working experience, they still try to apply for higher salaries compared with those with one or two year’s experiences. Furthermore, students who graduated with excellent academic results are no longer secured with good jobs or competitive edges in career advancement.

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Besides, most number of graduates, especially from rural area having lack of social and communication skills. This is because they seldom speak English compared to those staying in the city. They mostly speak in their mother language with their adults and people in their villages. The working environment in Malaysia requires the employees to be excelling in speaking both Malay and English languages to ease the communication among the working colleagues or dealing with the customers. Nowadays, Mandarin is also a prefered language in job requirements. Those graduates with excellenct results still unemployed because they are unable to speak English language which is considered to be the official business language in 91% of the companies in Malaysia. Employers identify this problems during the interview itself. The fresh graduates automatically gets rejected when they fail to communicate properly during the interview. Fresh graduates should improve their communication skills and enhance their speaking level to get employed in highly developed companies.

Apart from that, most of the graduates are not a good team player. Most of them think that they are way more talented than other employees and able to complete the work by themselves. The avoids team works and don’t really cooperate with co-workers. This is because the poor involvement in co-curricular activities during their university life. They are not aware of the team works and the job roles of each scope. If the fresh graduates did take part in co-curriculum and be the main committee, this will help prove that they are well trained and capable of managing the task. Co-curriculum also can build characters of people. It provides a platform for students to show their personalities. In addition, the social skill, which is also essential for each graduate, is practiced with various co-curriculums as well.

In Malaysian sectors, most of the graduates with low CGPAs are still unemployed. This is due to the failure of choosing the right course. Students tend to choose courses that are too demanding in today’s world instead of choosing courses that they are really interested in. Poor interest in the chosen course causes them to perform badly in their academic. Students with lower grades probably get lower chances of getting called for an interview. In this case, students should choose courses based on their capabilities and interests to excel academically because the companies choose employees based on the academic level and their capabilities in certain fields. So students should be very active in both academic and co-curricular activities in order to get a good job in the future.

Statistic shows the unemployment rate in Malaysia from 2007 to 2017. In 2017, the unemployment rate in Malaysia was at approximately 3.42 percent. Malaysia’s unemployment is relatively low and stable at around three percent which means the population is experiencing close to full employment. The country reached its lowest level of unemployment in 2014, with a rate of 2.85 percent.

Unemployment influences the economy in manners that the vast majority don't outwardly observe. When more people are unemployed, less individuals will settle taxes and less people have money to be spent. Due to lack of money, people would not spend much and this eventually causes the economic growth to decline. Unemployment is one of the major causes of many social and economic problems, such as the imbalance of social status among the populations or the increase of vice activities. Malaysia’s crime rate is at higher percentage recently. The phenomenon of crime wave has received an increasing attention and the criminal activity has been given wide coverage in the newspaper and media. As proposed by Becker and Ehrlich, however, criminal activity in Malaysia does not attract the attention of the people across the globe and remains largely neglected by the economics of crime literature.


Economic condition seems to be one of the most important macroeconomic variables affecting crime. According to the economic models of crime such as Becker, when a nation’s economy is stabilized, fortified and becomes stronger, this would open more opportunities for the citizens to get themselves involved in the nation’s workforce. When individuals earn their income legitimately, the possibility or tendency of an individual to get involved in crime related activities would be greatly decreased, thus, relatively decreases the crime rate. When job opportunity is low, individuals tend to involve in crimes as they get higher payoffs. They eventually get addicted to such works as they become more money minded. This is because when, the family income is low individual tend to go to any extreme to get money wheter it is legal or illegal, their motive is only to earn money. There are certain cases which directly linked to unemployment. So as a conclusion, government needs to take serious action to combat this problem.  

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