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The Importance of Fair Compensation in Employees Encouragment

Compensation serves as a potent motivator for employees in any organization, directly influencing their morale and dedication. The significance of motivating employees cannot be understated, as they are among an organization's most valuable assets, driving its success. Fairness in compensation plays a pivotal role in...

Erin Brockovich's Case: Her Actions as Deserving of Financial Compensation

In my option, Erin's investigative techniques and business practices weren't ethical. Firstly, she didn't wear professional clothes to her work. She was told to dress professionally a couple of time by her co-worker and boss, but she strictly denied to their face. It is very...

Compensation Philosophy and Market Influences and Value of Surveys

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When it comes to Maersk’s strategic talent management initiatives, specifically related to compensation, they leveraged their people strategy sessions (PSS) when building their structure. As a reminder, this is the process they went through in order to identify their top 120 positions, and of these...

Compensating for Ripped Away Childhoods

On any given day, there are about 1.5 million children whose parents are behind bars (Annie 8). Despite the unfathomable affect having their parents ripped away from children can be, in most cases it was their parents own decisions that got them incarcerated. However, what...

Success Factors of Compensation Management in Organizations

First of all, we would to explain the concept of Compensation management in organizations, we can say that it includes the role of human resources management in dealing with employees, and methods used to provide compensation. It also highlights the importance of maintaining the capable...

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