Essay Samples on Economy

Domino's Pizza: The Real Life Crisis

Abstract Domino’s Pizza had faced the situation of crisis due to the unwanted behavior from their own staffs in the product that is to be delivered to one of the customer. The company appoints the key spokesperson to handle this situation of crisis. The key…

The Unstability of European Refugee Crisis

Introduction In the past 2 years, the dilemma of European Exile has been experienced growth which puts a great compression on European countries. The notorious disaster has roots in April 2015 as five ships transporting 2000 exiles overturned in the Mediterranean which lead to about…

Youth Unemployment in Australia: Consequences and Solutions

Abstract Youth unemployment has about multiplied since mid-2008, with around 300,000 youth now jobless in Australia, representing over 33% of aggregate unemployment. The youth unemployment has averaged 13.5% previously a year, more than double the grown-up unemployment rate. There are numerous reasons for youth unemployment,…

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