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The Politics of Difference: A Solution to Oppression

Why does responding to oppression, as Iris Marion Young formulates it, demand a politics of difference? For this question, we need to know what Young means by oppression. At the very beginning of the reading material, Young states, “I think the concepts of oppression and...

The Art of Indifference: Apathy and Politics in Nigeria

Right from the onset, it is a heavy responsibility laid upon man by nature in take part in politics. Though, while some people engage in partisan politics to define their position in society, struggle for power, scarce resources, and other life-supporting chances others do not...

Abortion as a Geopolitical Issue: Case Study of Chile & United States

Politics can be described as actions about the governance of an area o nation, such as debating about the possession of power by interested parties. Politics cover a wide range of sections, and geography is one of them. Geopolitics is the study of how geographical...

Identity Politics: A Tool for Empowerment or a Barrier to Progress

Introduction In the 1970s, members of the US-based black feminist organization Combahee River Collective coined the term 'identity politics' to refer to a form of political organization and theoretical analysis based on solidarity amongst those belonging to a particular oppressed social identity. According to the...

Gerrymandering In The Current United States Political Climate

“Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power” - Abraham Lincoln. The House of Representative holds half of all the power of the Legislative Branch of the United States. Each of the 435 representatives in...

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