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Explanation of the Inconclusiveness of the 1979 Elections in Ghana

The 1925 election made way for subsequent elections to take place in the Gold Coast now known as Ghana. Before, voting was restricted to just a few people mostly chiefs, property owners and others. The beginning of the first proper elections in the then Gold...

Views of Political Parties on Business Development

In the Political Party quiz, I received a Liberal Democrat while in the political ideology quiz I received an Opportunity Democrat. According to the Pew Research Center, Opportunity Democrats have liberal views on most issues. Therefore, what the quiz says about me is that I...

Dependency of the Republican Party on the Evangelical Support

During the 1980s, party politics relied on their platforms for support during elections. However, the conservative party had become heavily supported by an Evangelical following, making the republican party semi-controlled by a church sect. This connection between religion and the state was particularly emphasized during...

The Analysis of Texas Political Scene and Parties

Prior to diving into whether Beto O’Rourke or Julian Castro could beat Trump in the upcoming 2020 elections, we must examine the history and current state of Texas politics and the reasons for a possible Electrol College win for democrats. When we think of Texas,...

A Quick Look Into The Ideologies of The Libertarian Party

With a very limited knowledge of the Libertarian Party, I decided to take this opportunity to learn more about this interesting organization. In a largely Republican and Democrat dominated government, it’s important to have these other parties in order to add another point of view...

The Nazi Regime & The Nazi Party

The Nazi regime outright refused to pay the $33+ million dollars in ereparations to Britain and France, and politically they already violated the territorial provisions such as the remilitarization of the Rhineland as well as the annexations of territories in the east such as Austria...

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