Inspiration for Applying for the Soro’s Moderation Team

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I’m applying here at Soro's Restaurant Franchise due to its outstanding role in the ROBLOX industry. Soro's Restaurant Franchise has caught my eye recently by going above and beyond in activity, I always see the restaurant full, and when there are events going on, I see many people. The activity honestly blows my mind, I don’t see any other groups even past Soro's Restaurant Franchise's member count that has a number even close to the amount of attendance shown at Soro's Restaurant Franchise's games. 

Another reason I’m applying is that I would like to further my experience in the restaurant industry in ROBLOX. I have not been a Moderator rank at any place, but Soro's Restaurant Franchise was one of the places I want my first moderation experience to be at. It caught my attention because of the lack of moderation I see at the restaurant. I would also love to go above and beyond by showing Soro's Restaurant Franchise how active I can truly be. Yet another reason I’m applying for Moderator is because I see the future of this group as a flourishing group with many active customers! I also see my future in Soro's Restaurant Franchise as eventually a Senior Moderator.

In my personal opinion, I'm a leader. While being a leader it means I assist others. It could mean assisting the staff at the restaurant or assisting with issues in the community server. While assisting the staff members or the community, it shows my dedication and my social skills as a Moderator. To continue, I am also a leader because I always take responsibility for my actions, whether they are good or bad. If I come clean, people may have more respect for me and they trust me because of my honesty. 

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However, if I lie, it wouldn't look good on me and it would look as if I'm dishonest and untruthful. I also always take over another's responsibility if they cannot do it in a heartbeat. This will show immense leadership because it demonstrates how determined I am to a certain job. This would mean if someone cannot head to the restaurant to ban exploiters or kick trollers, I would take their place and head down to the restaurant to do so. Furthermore, I would adore assisting any other Moderators with any issues. To conclude, that is how I am a leader.

Indeed, I am capable of dealing with stressful situations. As I've stated in my strengths, I work more proficiently under stress. From working with stressful situations, I always make sure I do it in a calm and collective way. Hence, others can comprehend what I'm stating and it's clear for them. While dealing with stressful situations, I am able to handle them more efficiently than others as I've seen many of these situations in the past. This could prevent numerous stressful situations in the future and make Soro's Restaurant Franchise have fewer trollers and raids at the restaurant. In conclusion, I am capable of dealing with stressful situations.

I would say that one of my many strengths is that I work very well under stress and pressure. I have grown patience and still obtain to do so to this very day. The qualities I believe are cut for this position here at Soro's Restaurant Franchise. With my prior experience, I have messed up but learned from it. Over time, I have grown more qualities. In addition to this, I believe I can work under stress and pressure phenomenally, in high-pressure situations such as exploiters at the restaurant, I prosper and succeed by not losing my cool, and keeping a calm head while dealing with the many questions provided by the customers. I also would keep a calm head while dealing with the mass amount of trollers and or exploiters at the restaurant.

I would say that my biggest weakness by far is my argumentative attitude that I’m currently working on fixing. I have usually been the one to argue. For say, I am usually the debater of the conversation, or the 'argumentative' one. My argumentative personality, however, is something I’ve been trying to fix for a while now so I can go to the next level on my ROBLOX career. I am currently working past it and I currently ignore the drama occurring if it happens inside my workspace. By doing this, I can assure myself no issues will occur in the near future and everything will be good.

I can benefit the Soro's Restaurant Franchise's community by being very active. Activity is a very important trait, especially as a moderation member. By being active, I am able to be more talkative within the community channels and get to understand more customers and become friends with them. Furthermore, I have wondrous friendship and social skills while in the community. With teamwork, I'll be able to work cooperatively with other moderation members. 

Another characteristic I have is patience. While working as a Moderator, you will need patience as things take time to happen. You will also need patience to always remain calm and collected in the community in dealing with certain issues. Lastly, I am quite optimistic. Being optimistic is very beneficial as you always need to look towards the good and not bad. You must also view other's ideas on different topics within the community. In conclusion, these are how I can benefit the Soro's Restaurant Franchise community.

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