The Achievements of John F. Kennedy: A Man Who Gave Americans Hope

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John F. Kennedy was one of those people that could change the whole world in just a couple years, he saved the earth from nuclear annihilation and gave rights to all the citizens of America. The communists countries wanted to take over the world and they were putting missiles launchers everywhere so they could easily fight off any resistants.

The U.S and Russia were having a standoff (Cold War) because they were the two countries with a large amount of nuclear weapons. Russia (communist country) was going to put missiles on Cuba so they could destroy or take over the U.S. The Americans blocked off all trade with Cuba and blocked Cuba from Russia. The Russians were on the other side of the sea and the two countries just had a huge standoff but nothing happened. John F. Kennedy made a deal with the Russians that would change the world forever he got the Russians to dismantle the missiles on Cuba but we had to take our missiles off of Turkey and could not invade Cuba. So it was a win, win the Russians don’t have to worry and we don’t have to worry. John F. Kennedy sent a lot of undercover agents to Cuba but most of them died or got captured. It was a total failure, but John F. Kennedy still wanted to beat the Russians in something else so he was planning on beating the Russians to be the first people on the moon. So he was just working on the space station full time.

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Then we were the first one to the moon and we have bragging rights. Now we beat the Russians in everything and now we are the best country in the world. There were many protest about black rights and they kept on protesting. But still have a lot of conflicts with Vietnam.So John F. Kennedy gave them they earn their right that all people need. John F. Kennedy did see color he saw people by their personality, he was one of the best presidents and might of been the best country if he didn’t get shot. When he made a mistake he always made the best of them.

America will never be the same after November 22, 1963 he was just speaking in San Antonio, Austin, and Fort Worth and was traveling in a motorcade. When everyone was having a good time a few gunshots were heard. John F. Kennedy was in the car shot twice was bleeding out. He was rushed into the hospital and sadly did not make it. The shooter was quickly found and was identified as Lee Harvey Oswald he was a former Marine and Marxist.

He was going to jail but when he came out he got shot and killed by club owner Jack Ruby. Jack did a good thing but he also did something horrible don’t kill someone no matter what and we could of got information from him. John F. Kennedy was the best president in my opinion. He will for sure never of been forgotten and will remain in every good American history book forever. He saved us, he gave ous pride, and most importantly he gave us hope. He also saved us from getting bombed and takin over and gave rights to everyone. He changed history in just a couple of years and his actions will aways be rembered. He also put the U.S in the history books for the first country to go to the moon and have a person walk on it.

He gave us better relationships with other countries and helped us stand up for America. The list goes on and on he changed us and our nation as a whole.

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