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European Marriages of the New World Order

As Europe began to institute colonization, colonial leaders had to consider various methods and means for permanency. For example, colonial leaders decided to recruit European women to migrate to the colonies in hopes of laying a religious foundation through marriage and linage. The reason for...

New World Order: The Biggest Problem of the Muslim Society

The biggest problem today that Muslims throughout world are facing is, New World Order. Here comes a Question that how New World Order is related with Muslim Ummah. Answer is, it is not only related with Muslim Ummah, in fact it is most tough Problem...

How New World Order Conspiracy Theory Impacted the History

“What is at stake is more than one country, it is the whole entire world. A New World Order has been in place, where diverse/many nations are drawn together in a common cause, so that they can achieve the universal aspirations of mankind such as;...

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