Biography Of Famous Person: Oprah Winfrey And Her Life

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Oprah Winfrey experienced lots of hardships as a child. Her real name is Orpah Gaily Winfrey, but many people miss pronounced it, this is according to This led to her just accepting her name as Oprah. She was born on Jan. 29. The year she was born in was 1954( When she was a child her parents divorced, and she was left to live with her grandmother. She moved back and forth between her parents' houses. When she turned six, she moved in with her mom in a bad neighborhood in Milwaukee. At the young age of 14 she became pregnant from being abused. This was a big part of her life. She was also treated badly as a child. Later when she moved back in with her father, she turned her life around. She became an honor student and joined student council in high school.

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Her early adult hood was very good. In the last years of her high school career she got a job. This job was as a local newscaster. And she won her self a scholarship. She did this by winning a speech competition. This is what helped her realize that she was very good at speaking. She worked very hard in college and was able to get a job. She got a job as a Nashville news actor. After college she took over a little-known talk show. She did this in Chicago. Oprah had a very successful young adulthood. This little-known talk show became very well-known and had great ratings. This helped Oprah become more well known. This is all according to

Oprah always enjoyed news casting and speaking. As stated, before she won a scholarship on a speech competition. She had jobs but they were never huge. She faced hardships as a child. She moved between her parents' houses. And became pregnant at 14. But when she took over a small talk show in Chicago it helped her become well known. She was never well known until she took this job. She was a news anchor and was a local newscaster in high school. Neither of these positions made her famous. But the talk show she took over in Chicago created a name for herself. After a while she created her own production company and changed the show name to the Oprah Winfrey show. It ran for a long time and she was a multi-millionaire by 32. This led to her being in a few movies. Oprah became very famous due to this show.

After Oprah took over her show when it wasn’t well known. She created the success for the show. She was the reason that the show's ratings were able to skyrocket. After her show became more popular it gave her more success. This success helped her show and made her famous. She built on this success by keeping the show going and trying new things. Like being in a movie. She was in her first movie in 1985. This movie was titled the color purple. She had a supporting role in the film. She did very well in this movie. She was nominated for an academy award for a supporting actress. Oprah built a name for herself which helped her become famous and become a multimillionaire. She can use her name to create new things and to sell more items.

Oprah Winfrey is well known for giving back to the community. She is well known for giving away prizes on her show. She even gave away a car at a time. She always has tried to give back to her community because of how her child hood was. She was abused by relatives as a child. This led to her raising money for children who have been abused. She has helped many people and is always someone who helps influence others. She stands up for what she believes in and always helps people. She donated about 50 million dollars for charitable programs. This includes girl's education in South Africa. She also made a foundation called the family for better life's foundation. Oprah was a great person who always gave back to her community.

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