Lokmanya Tilak And His Intellectual Pursuits

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Lives of great men are like music, the tunes of which linger in our ears long after they are heard no more. Death snatches an individual from this earth, time draws its veil over him and he becomes a part of the past which grows dim as days roll on. In the case of great men, however, the past creeps into the present and becomes a part of the future. We remember them because we feel their presence in our midst. Their words and their deeds are not converted into the shadows of the past, but find a place in the hearts of millions, and become an indivisible part of the personality of the nation — and in some cases even of humanity.

An attempt, therefore, to know the perennial significance of the work of a noble individual is in fact an attempt to know that part of our life which is his. An attempt to interpret the life of a great man is prompted by a sort of an intellectual curiosity. History is a fascinating subject and it is all the more fascinating to study how a great individual influenced the course of history and to place him in the scheme of things.

Lokmanya Tilak is a part of India’s personality — a part of which Indians should justly be proud. To evaluate his life correctly is a task which only a mastermind can accomplish.

To commemorate death centenary year of Lokmanya Tilak, Our college is planning to organize two days national level seminar on the ‘Life and Mission of Lokmanya Tilak’ Nation remembers him as true patriotic and nationalist leader but there are different sides to Tilak’s life of which the most prominent is his political contribution. He gave the dynamic message to us that” Swaraj is my birth right and I shall have it”.

His force of character, moral conviction and the courage to stand up and suffer for the cause of India’s freedom should be studied more profusely. Tilak’s patriotism was a blend of political,moral and religious strands. Tilak was not only a political leader but also a great scholar and journalist. His mind had a comprehensive sweep embracing ancient literature and modern science. He illuminated every subject he took up.

Tilak had faith in the validity and relevance of the ancient ideals of this country to modern life. His monumental work, the Gita Rahasya is a testimony to it. At a time when there is a great deal of insecurity and aimless drift in spite of frantic activity, he speaks to us of the need for inward discipline and compassion for man.

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