The Biography and Life of Angelina Jolie

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Angelina Jolie is a courageous and strong minded woman, who helped and did many good doings. Angelina Jolie was very noteworthy because of her charitable work, her roles in many movies, and her rebellious reputation in the industry. When she heard of the refugee camps in cambodia, she couldn’t believe this was happening. She went to the agency called UNHCR, whom helped refugees in many different countries. At first they thought she was crazy going there, but she managed to get a spot in the agency as Hollywood's rebel with a cause. Her charitable help in the camps, made her become a goodwill ambassador, where she traveled to more refugee camps in different countries. As time went on she became a peacemaker and an activist. Jolie was a huge part of many charitable events or life saving organizations. When she became a peacekeeper, she addressed a conference, where dozens of people came to speak about the matters of women getting raped in many countries. She wanted to add more women into the group, so they can have a huge and powerful impact in the organization as years went on. She wanted to bring back peace to many women in many countries, so they would feel secure in their home country.

Angelina Jolie traveled to many places but, this one left a bit of a mark on her. When Angelina returned from the Libyan city of Misrata, which sustains one of the most bloodiest battles of that time. She was wasn’t rattled at the chaos, instead she started to direct and discuss with other directors about the rapings in Bosnia. She wanted to direct a movie about the chaos of the war and adding in a love story between it all. She tried give the people a different view of the city and show her perspective. Angelina wanted to show the best in everything and wants to change the way people saw chaos, war, and refugee camps. She even wrote many articles explaining the harsh conditions people lived in camps and countries. She wanted show people with her words what she saw.

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Angelina’s childhood was very interesting since her family was very big on acting and it seemed like she had everything she ever wanted. Even though that was not the case. Angelina lived in a Mansion, since her father Jon Voight was very famous, but lots of people made assumptions. She didn’t shop in the richest stores and instead bought her clothing at thrift stores, she even didn’t have enough money to buy a computer and a lot of teachers always told her to ask her father to. Jolies father was not a really great man. He didn’t deny the fact he wasn’t good at paying for his part of the divorce. Instead he thought of it as a lesson for his kids because he didn’t want them to end up spoiled, with no goals, or with a career. When Jolie grew older her and her father’s relationship wasn’t perfect. She even explained in one of her interviews that she didn’t consider him as a father, more of a person she knew, but she always wanted to live up to his expectations.

As time passed Jolie slowly moved up the food chain and made herself an icon to many people. Through her adulthood angelina started to collect things and find what her interests are. Jolie started to collect knives, getting tattoos, and buying little demonic and dark things. Which gave her a bit of a reputation in the industry. People started to judge her in saying she is a bad girl or a rebel. She explained to the press that even if she likes to collecting and getting these things, she still had a soft side and didn’t want to be in just one category. Angelina Jolie was a very unique person and who likes to take her own path. Jolie had a rough times in her childhood, especially with her father, but she created herself into a strong independent women whom does great things. She also stands up for her beliefs or her for her personality.

As her work in the actressing world and her goodness in countries, she earned many awards. Jolie was earned the name the most beautiful women in the world and her many awards including the oscars for her amazing performances and her directing skills. She was also known for her humanitarian efforts. Jolie “before turning 25, she had chalked up several rewards. “ She was very successful in her years. In addition she even made movies from different countries she went to show people her experience in a different view. Also her actressing in the movie Bone collector was a big career milestone for angelina. She explained in her interview that she was doubting the role of being a police officer because in her mind she seemed to young to play the role. This movie really gave her a more of a jump in the industry, which carried her through it. Even if she thought she was to young for the part.

Angelina Jolie is a passionate and strong minded person, whom is noteworthy for her charitable work, her roles in movies, and her rebellious reputation. From what I have researched and learned about Angelina Jolie, she is very impressing. All of three points always go back to her charitable work and her being a big time actress. She worked very hard to get up to her father's stand points. Jolie should matter to people because even though her reputation in the world of modeling and actressing was not that great, she made her opinions and points clear to people, she tried to live an honest world, when most would try to live in a lie. She wanted to make a difference and was always fixated on helping people. Angelina justed wanted to live her life to the fullest with honestly.

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